Your Milk Has Curdled: Anti-fascist Scouting Against League of the South Activity in Georgia, April 21, 2018

When considering the grandiose statements of white supremacists, it is hard to fathom that household dysfunction and Oedipus complexes can bring down entire organizations. Such moments highlight that oppressive, hierarchical organizations’ structure are rotten — and fragile — to the core. With the rottenness that permeates all white supremacist organizations in mind, we provide this communique on the abomination that is the League of the South.

As one of the most violent participants in the August 12, 2017 Unite the Right rally, the League of the South (LOS) positioned itself as a vanguard Neo-Confederate organization. With a cadre of leadership that has links to the military and police forces, LOS from its HQ in Wetumpka, Alabama, has attempted to position itself as both a Southern community organization as well as a willing cadre of militant fighters aiming for a rebirth of the Confederacy. Given the hilarious collapse of the Traditionalist Worker Party, The League seemingly became the most competent arm of the Nationalist Front (including LOS, Nationalist Socialist Movement, TWP and others). However, it often takes just one anti-fascist to pull a curtain down and expose the rot behind.

We would like to expose the absolute incompetence of LOS, its leadership, and its tactics. The opportunity to sink our claws into LOS leadership presented itself about a week before the Newnan, GA gathering of the Nationalist Socialist Movement. Michael Hill, LOS president and figurehead, was invited to speak and participate in the scheduled demonstration, as well as a rune and swastika lighting later that evening. Using his Twitter account, Hill announced that the League would be present at the Newnan event with their Nationalist Front (NF) sister organization, and it was through this very unsecure medium that we were able to begin gathering information directly from the horse ass’s mouth.

Though having never met or spoken to Hill in person, and only by referencing well known TWP members Craig Spaulding and Johan Carollo, we were able to immediately develop a level of trust that we would later exploit during the Newnan mobilization. Despite the maturity and competence that Hill and LOS try to project, it became clear that even basic levels of security culture are non-existent in LOS circles. From our infiltration, we gained access to:

  • LOS leadership email addresses
  • Phone number for LOS Chief of Operations Ike Baker
  • Exact meeting locations for their April 21st events in Rome and Newnan
  • Contact information for LOS “Intel” leadership

And yet despite the failure of our ghost force to materialize at any of the meeting locations where our sock promised to meet LOS, the information just kept coming. As we joined the masses in the streets of Newnan, a call went out for scouts to help locate the NSM so that Antifascists could attempt to make contact. Already away from our vehicles and finding ourselves amid an occupied war zone, we did the only thing we could think of, and gave ol’ Ike Baker a ring. With a bit lower voice, and a buttermilk-sweet Southern drawl, we told Grandpa Shithead how sorry we were we missed the earlier connection, and we were on our way to meet them right then and there. Besides being flustered and a bit confused, Ike told us to grab a pen and write down their directions traveling down US 27, into Newnan, and eventually to their 1st Street parking location. Not surprisingly — but definitely noteworthy — Ike also dropped that we should mention to the cops the police chief’s name that he had been working so closely and colluding with in preparation for the events and throughout the day, so that we could get behind the police lines.

Though the massive mobilization of over 700 militarized police ensured the relative safety of the fascist scum, throughout the entire day of April 21st, LOS was never free of anti-fascist scouts. We were able to keep eyes on the leadership, as well as many “rank n file” from this inept band of lost-cause buffoons. From their morning rendezvous in a Mexican restaurant parking lot, to their pathetic and lonely photo op in downtown Rome, all the way to their less-than triumphant and late entrance into Newnan, we had them on lock. Our gaze was so intense — and these asshats so clueless — that we even watched the mid-morning milk break shared by Brandon Ritchey, Ike Baker, and Michael Hill. As the three milled about in a gas station parking lot, sipping their cow squirt, we couldn’t help but reflect that their poor security culture would likely cause their alt right buddies opinion of them to soon sour, much like that un-rotated product sitting in the dairy aisle.

In part due to our surveillance efforts, and in part due to their utter incompetence and lack of situational awareness, we were able to not only expose the total ineptitude of this organization’s leadership but were able to identify nearly every vehicle that carried those assholes anywhere in West Georgia throughout the day. Given the violent history of this organization, their desire to return to the Confederacy, their support and work with other hate groups, and in solidarity with Heather Heyer (Rest in Power), Deandre Harris, the communities of Charlottesville, and antifascists everywhere, we are releasing LOS/NSM plate numbers, vehicle photos, emails, and DMs with this communique.

For us looking forward, we also wish to reflect. What we saw in Newnan was a refinement by law enforcement of all the lessons learned from the previous years’ fights. We saw the 1033 program operating just as it was intended.  The dynamics of our fight has changed from just last year, and despite the negative media coverage of their tactics, the Police-State in Georgia is quietly claiming victory. It’s this utter contempt for anyone brave enough to fight back, that ensures that what we saw in Newnan will only be brought everywhere to protect the dying remnants of capitalism and white supremacy. To remain a threat, we must continue to adapt our tactics. We must work to tear down old structures of deployment and strategizing, creating new systems of defense and solidarity. As such we have committed to strengthening our ties regionally and to the coalition that mobilized this past weekend. As scouts, we shared the intel we were gathering throughout the day with folks on the front line, and we have mad respect for our comrades who endured the brutality of the police to mobilize against white supremacy. Our solidarity, love and rage go out to y’all. While we see our role of intel gathering as a general success, we do not want to deflect from the severe oppression that occurred on Saturday. We recognize the pain and frustration of our comrades who faced state violence.

We will also continue to utilize the information gathered from this weekend to locate, track, and further identify LOS/NSM networks and members. Strategically, we see immense value in not only bringing our resistance to these vile, scum of the earth organizations’ public rallies and demonstrations, but also using intel gathered to act against them, alert the public to their agenda, and drive them back into the shadows. We wish to reiterate our dedication to infiltrating and exposing the incompetence those standing with these hate groups. We will meet them at their weakest. Anti-fascists will prevail.

The bottom line is that no matter how strong the fascists appear to be in the coming months, and no matter how militarized the police response is to protect them, there is no fucking uniform, banner, or flag that they can hide behind. From the ancient Appalachians to the sun-kissed Georgia pines, whether it be a rowdy and spirited mass mobilization or a small determined intel op from the shadows, we know our actions and resistance, rooted in fierce love, solidarity, and goddamn ungovernability, will consistently out maneuver these pathetically stagnant, and doomed-to-fail white nationalist organizations. The box has broken, the milk has been spilled and these fascist fucks are going to lose.

– A few anti-fascist scouts

The following details communication between Michael Hill, President of the League of the South, and the sock account, beginning with Michael Hill’s response to initial contact from the sockBelow is Mike Hill’s phone number which he readily gave when promised intel on anti-fascists.

Below is Mike Hill’s phone number which he readily gave when promised intel on anti-fascists.