Regional Anti-Racist Mobilization: Oppose White Nationalist Richard Spencer at University of Florida (Gainesville) Thursday October 19, 2017

We are calling for anti-racists from throughout the South to travel and oppose white power leader Richard Spencer, who will speak at the University of Florida in Gainesville on October 19. Our aim is a broad mobilization in solidarity with UF students and Gainesville residents, against white nationalist organizing.

Organizations should make travel plans for Gainesville right now. Spencer’s racist event has been officially confirmed. Details of the anti-racist counter-mobilization at UF will be announced soon. In the meantime, please spread this call to action far and wide. Commit to organizing numbers from your region to stand against the racist far-Right.

Richard Spencer is a key white nationalist leader and is one of the most prominent faces of the “Alt-Right.” While Richard Spencer portrays himself as fighting a battle of ideas for his “identitarian” cause — which Spencer denies is racist even as he organizes with neo-Nazis — the fact is that Spencer’s ideology requires organized violence for its goal of a whites-only state. Where Spencer goes, violence follows. When Spencer talked at Auburn University in Alabama on April 18, his neo-Nazi followers charged at students and anti-racists (the crowd stayed united and repelled the attack). On August 11-12, Spencer was one of the main leaders at the notorious “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. There on the night of Friday August 11, a mob of hundreds of white nationalists attacked students and counter-protesters, beating their opponents with tiki torches. Spencer called the white supremacist mobilization “absolutely amazing,” a “total victory,” and “politics at its most spectacular […] magical.” The white power attack led to one person suffering a stroke due to his injuries.

On the Saturday of the Spencer-endorsed “Unite the Right,” neo-Nazi James Alex Fields Jr. — pictured standing alongside members of the fascist Vanguard America organization earlier that day — rammed his car into anti-racist protesters, murdering Heather Heyer and injuring dozens more. Spencer disavowed Heyer’s murder to save face, yet his political agenda entailing mass violence and ethnic cleansing is clear. Until recently, Spencer was set to co-headline a far-Right rally with Vanguard America — the organization murderer Fields stood with — in North Carolina this December. (Spencer canceled for reasons that had nothing to do with Vanguard America’s politics.)

The Alt-Right has been linked to several other murders this year, such as in Maryland, New York and Oregon. Where the racist far-Right can grow unchallenged, more deaths will occur. We support community self-defense against movements that target immigrants, people of color, Jewish people, LGBTQ communities and leftists.

We urge a broad mobilization determined to stand together and to keep each other safe as we counter the militant white nationalists in Gainesville. We intend to win.

Call to Action endorsed by:

  • University of Florida Young Democratic Socialists of America (FL)
  • Tampa Food Not Bombs (FL)
  • Tampa Democratic Socialists of America (FL)
  • Street Groomers (GA)
  • St. Pete Food Not Bombs (FL)
  • Revolutionary Road Radio Show (FL)
  • Revolutionary Caucus (FL)
  • Refuge Ministries (FL)
  • Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign (FL)
  • Orlando Antifascists (FL)
  • Northeast Georgia Democratic Socialists of America (GA)
  • Mutual Aid Disaster Relief – Tampa chapter (FL)
  • Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America (GA)
  • Love Has No Borders (FL)
  • Industrial Workers of the World General Defense Committee
  • Gainesville Dream Defenders (FL)
  • Gainesville Antifascist Committee (FL)
  • Free States of Cobb and West Atlanta (GA)
  • Charleston Democratic Socialists of America (SC)
  • Black Lives Matter Tampa (FL)
  • Atlanta Resistance Medics (GA)
  • Atlanta General Defense Committee of the Industrial Workers of the World (GA)
  • Atlanta Antifascists (GA)
  • Anti-Racist Action Tallahassee (FL)
  • Anti-Fascist News
  • All Out Atlanta (GA)

Please get in touch if your organization is mobilizing for Gainesville and wants to endorse this call to action: [email protected]

Support Mike Williams: Indigenous Elder and Sacramento Defender

Posted on It’s Going Down:

Longtime Sacramento activist and indigenous elder Mike Williams is one of three people of color who face charges stemming from the antifascist mobilization which shut down a neo-Nazi rally in June of 2016. Only one neo-Nazi, William Planer, is facing charges, and he was only arrested after vandalizing a synagogue in Colorado Springs, CO. Mike is currently facing massive charges and a high bail. Please support him here and share the fundraising link far and wide along with this article to raise awareness of his case.

On June 26th, hundreds of people from across Northern California and beyond mobilized and converged to protest against a rally called for by the Traditionalist Worker Party (TWP) and the Golden State Skinheads (GSS).

Members of the Golden State Skinheads (GSS) show off their swastika tattoos. Many of these same neo-Nazis would go on to stab protesters on June 26th.

Both organizations are open neo-Nazi groups and on that day proudly displayed shields carrying the “SS” logos along with swastika tattoos. In the ensuing clashes, several people were stabbed and some almost lost their lives, as the fascists yelled out racial slurs during their attack. As the neo-Nazis fled, they also dropped a handgun and another was seen in the waistband of one of the attackers. Clearly, these people came ready to injure, attack, and potentially kill. Those that had the courage to stand up to them deserve our complete support, especially in the face of such harsh and cruel charges from the State.

William Planer, the only member of the TWP and GSS to face charges for the Sacramento rally. Seen here giving a Nazi salute. Planer is a regular at various Alt-Right, neo-Nazi, and Trump rallies.

The TWP and GSS is linked to neo-Nazi and KKK groups across the US and is connected to a string of vandalism, assault, and violent crime. For instance, William Planer, the only person from the neo-Nazi side that has been taken into custody on charges stemming from the protest, was actually arrested in Denver after he vandalized a synagogue. In the past few months, Planer has also attended a variety of pro-Trump and Alt-Right rallies, wearing a shirt which reads, “Proud to Be Fascist.” Planer is no stranger to arrest and has a long and violent history. While TWP leaders have attempted to portray Planer as a “blue-collar Patriot,” like the other members of GSS and the TWP Planer is clearly a violent threat to whatever community he comes into contact with.

Derik Ryan Punneo armed with a knife. Members of TWP/GSS yelled racial slurs and attacked counter-demonstrators, injuring several with stab wounds.

Shortly after Planer was arrested, Nathan Lowry, aka “Leeroy Jenkins,” one of the leaders of GSS, was picked up by police on weapons charges, however received no charges springing from the Sacramento stabbings. Another violent member of the GSS who has long been identified by local activists, Derik Ryan Punneo, the neo-Nazi skinhead who was photographed in numerous instances stabbing people and also holding a bloody knife, still has yet to face any charges.

Derik Ryan Punneo of the Golden State Skinheads (GSS) and Traditionalist Worker Party (TWP)

Several months after the rally, Punneo, who has a long history of arrest, violent attacks, and attempted rape, was sent back to prison after assaulting his then girlfriend, also involved in neo-Nazi activism. Both Lowry and Punneo are a clear example of neo-Nazi groups like the TWP being filled with violent and sadistic people who are a danger to the community and those around them.

Handgun dropped by neo-Nazis on June 26th. They were also seen with another firearm as they escaped to their cars following violent clashes.

Those who stood up to the TWP and the GSS did so because they saw the clear threat that these people represent to our community. Unlike many of those within the Alt-Right, the Golden State Skinheads cannot hide behind their fancy haircuts and memes. We see these people for what they are: a violent and dangerous cancer that produces violence, assault, and racist intimidation. Drawing a line in the sand against them is not an attack on free speech, but instead a defensive act to preserve basic freedoms for all and keep our cities and towns free of their Hitler worshiping garbage.

Donate Here

  • Update: Fortunately Mike Williams is now out on bail, but please continue to circulate the fundraiser up above as funds are still needed. Thanks so much for the support!

@Squarespace: Stop Hosting White Supremacists

Squarespace, a popular web hosting service for businesses and creative professionals, is hosting white supremacist/neo-nazi groups: Identity Evropa, Radix Journal, and Richard Spencer’s National Policy Institute. Squarespace has been informed of this issue repeatedly by email, but has refused to take the websites down.

Hate websites violate Squarespace’s Acceptable Use Policy (section 6.2), forbidding users to “advocate bigotry or hatred against any person or group based on their race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual preference, age or disability.”

Identity Evropa is a white supremacist/neo-nazi “fraternity” for people of “European, non-Semitic heritage.” The group’s website distributes propaganda on “white identity” and “race, evolution, and behavior.”  The group’s physical activism includes spreading fascist-themed fliers on university campuses and holding anti-immigrant rallies that portray people of color as inherently criminal. Identity Evropa’s founder, Nathan Damigo, has committed violent hate crimes against people of color and was recently videotaped punching a woman in the face at a rally.

The National Policy Institute is led by Richard Spencer, a documented neo-nazi. NPI’s website distributes “research” on “understanding Jewish influence” and supposed “racial differences in intelligence, personality, and behavior.” Spencer describes immigration as a “proxy war” and argues that white America must “conquer or die.”

Radix Journal is a collection of white supremacist essays. Some speculate about “Eugenic” policies “to flush disloyalty from our gene pool.” Others complain of a “Jewish assault on Europeans” and the failure “to expel the freed slaves from the United States.”

Squarespace has been notified via [email protected], that these websites violate their Acceptable Use terms. Squarespace’s continued hosting of these websites constitutes a tacit endorsement of their content.

Squarespace also shares moral responsibility for the violent and threatening activity organized via these websites. Squarespace profits from neo-nazism and white supremacism as long as it retains Identity Evropa, Radix Journal, and the National Policy Institute as customers.


Squarespace must end its business relationships with white supremacists. Tech companies must act in accordance with the principles they claim to support. Until Squarespace enforces its own Acceptable Use policy by REMOVING HATE SITES people of conscience should #BOYCOTTSQUARESPACE. Podcasts and other businesses with a social conscience should not accept Squarespace’s ad buys.


– –


Defend Auburn, Alabama Against the White Power Invasion April 18th!

On Saturday, April 15th, students, anti-racists, anti-fascists, and other residents of the Bay Area clashed in the streets of Berkeley, CA against an array of organized white supremacist and far-Right forces. Unlike most events and actions the far-Right has organized in recent past — usually ending in embarrassing failure — this time members of the Right were able to bring out an organized force committed to inflicting violence against our comrades and other community members in a city once thought to be a stronghold for leftist and generally socially tolerant sentiments. Bolstered by what they view as a success, the far-Right is now bragging that if it can take over Berkeley it can do the same in any city.

Now, to add to the gravity of the situation, racist “Alt-Right” leader Richard Spencer and his goons have decided on a show of force in the South, threatening to overrun the campus of Alabama’s Auburn University with white power combatants armed with “safety gear.”

Events began with antisemitic flyers surfacing around Auburn University, promoting the founding of a campus “White Student Union”. Late on the night of Tuesday the 11th, not long after these flyers made headlines, white power leader Richard Spencer announced online that he had booked a room on AU campus for a speaking event which would take place the next Tuesday, April 18th. Following public uproar, this Friday university officials in consultation with police announced that they had decided to cancel Spencer’s appearance due to “safety concerns”.

Spencer promptly issued a YouTube response asserting that, regardless of the cancellation, he would still show up to the campus with security teams in tow. Spencer has also arranged for other far-right leaders, such as Mike Peinovich of “The Daily Shoah,” to fly into Auburn in support of Tuesday’s white power rally. Alt-Right chatter online makes clear that this gathering is intended to be a demonstration of power. Racist organizers are doing little to veil their intimidatory and violent intent. In addition, other groups such as “Anti-Communist Action” have made a firm vow that “shit’s gonna go down” at Auburn on Tuesday, and are organizing their own numbers for this purpose.

We must show up ready for conflict in the numbers necessary to thwart their attempts at silencing us. We must ensure that the voices of those who oppose exterminationist agendas can be heard above those of Richard Spencer and his white nationalist and fascist supporters. A call to action has been issued to mobilize Southern anti-racists to get to Auburn. So far it is endorsed by the following organizations:

Atlanta Antifascists;
Atlanta Resistance Medics;
Athens Antifascists;
General Defense Committee, Atlanta branch;
Atlanta Redneck Revolt;
Anti-fascist News;
Ida B. Wells Coalition;
Metro Atlanta Chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America;
One People’s Project;
Socialist Party of Central Alabama;
Workers’ Solidarity Alliance;
and the Young Dems of GSU.

We will be gathering at Auburn University’s Foy Hall at 6:00pm on April 18th, the same day as Spencer’s event.

This is not simply a matter of pro-Trump vs. anti-Trump. There are committed racists and fascists trying to organize in our cities and our hometowns, in our neighborhoods and at our schools. It is imperative that we come together in our communities, in strength and solidarity, to put an end to their agendas.

We ask that the people of Auburn, Alabama, the Deep South, and beyond take the strongest possible stand against white supremacy on Tuesday.

Follow @no_nazi_auburn and @afainatl for updates.

See you there!

Alex Beck: The Irrelevant Turd-Waffle Behind Fascist Honeypot “”

If you’re outside of antifa circles, you may not have noticed that, after Trump’s inauguration, the far-right began making honeypot websites in a pathetic attempt to doxx antifascists. One such website that garnered attention was “,” created by Denver-area nobody Alex Beck. We want to make it clear from the start that Beck has very little of interest to say in regards to pretty much anything. Though he likes to throw around slurs and conduct strange racist demonstrations, his incoherent “libertarian” politics are completely beside the point to us. Antifascists are interested in Alex Beck because he is attempting to track us and our allies and, in doing so, is aiding fascists.

In an article written for Campus Reform, a publication that hired a vocal supporter of a neo-Nazi gang member who burned down a historic Black church as a “journalist,” Alex Beck claimed that Antifa painted a Valentine’s Day love note on the side of his father’s company vehicle.

In the article, Beck claims “Numerous groups and individuals have alleged that I setup as a honeypot to collect ANTIFA information. All of the claims are false … Truth be told, I didn’t even have the means to do this …” If this were the case we wonder if he could explain this script in’s source code that appears to be tracking users:

The code appears to relay information to Google Analytics and Survey Monkey. While Beck may not be able to retrieve the IP addresses of his website’s visitors using this software, he can likely retrieve somewhat useful information for doxxing. This probably includes the visitor’s internet service provider, approximate location, and possibly even social media information.

For this reason, we encourage everyone to avoid visiting this website altogether. However, if you must, some precautions can help. Use Tor Browser, and make sure you are not logged into any social media on your computer at the time. (A VPN with the same social media precautions will also likely thwart Beck from being able to find out much useful information.) Using Privacy Badger, a tool provided by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, also helps to block trackers like Google Analytics and Survey Monkey.

Currently, this site is basically just a link to another site where Beck complains about antifa with a script running trackers in the background, so we really don’t see much of a reason to visit at all. Beck has also recently met with equally-irrelevant shitlord Ivan Throne, a “Men’s Rights Activist” who promotes psychopathy and claims to be “more Nazi than [Richard] Spencer.” Well Beck, we’ve been about twenty steps ahead of you this whole time, but if you aren’t “done playing,” we’re happy to make sure you quit playing.

Alex Beck Info:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 720.301.2784 (possibly changed)
Religion: Catholic
Organization: Young Americans for Liberty, Regis University

Current Residence:
O’Connell Hall, Regis University
3333 Regis Blvd (50th Ave), Denver, CO 80221

Permanent addresses (family has two):
14432 W Center Dr, Lakewood, CO 80228
505 Church St, Eagle, CO 81631

Previous Address:
2577 S Coors St, Lakewood, CO 80228

Social Media:

Websites (we strongly discourage visiting):

To Alex:

We hope your life gets significantly harder and lonelier as you descend into the alt-right pit, you pathetic fuck. “Free speech” doesn’t mean living without consequences for your words and actions. If you’re fighting on the same side as Nazis, you don’t get to pretend like you’re on the side of liberty. Why don’t you do everyone a favor and fuck off already?

“Act like a Nazi, get punched like a Nazi!”
-Rocky Mountain Antifa


intlantiThe International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund is designed to provide fast material support to anti-fascists and anti-racists around the world whenever they encounter trouble as a result of their stand against hate.

Anyone can make a proposal to use the Fund by emailing us at: [email protected]  All decisions are made via consensus between all those who donated at least  $20U.S./€20/£15.  If consensus can’t be reached, the proposal is decided by a simple majority vote.

In its first six months, the fund has:
-received over $1700U.S./1600EUR in donations from supporters in eight countries
-supported two dozen anti-fascists in Australia, Belarus, France, Germany, Russia, Spain, Sweden, and the U.S.
-received endorsements from The Torch Anti-Fascist Network (U.S.) and Föreningen Fånggruppen (Sweden)

Supporters can now make regular monthly contributions of any amount automaticallyby signing up here.  This is the best possible way to support the Fund and the anti-fascists and anti-racists it provides much-needed material aid to. they encounter trouble as a result of their stand against hate.

Anyone can make a proposal to use the Fund by emailing us at: [email protected]  All decisions are made via consensus between all those who donated at least  $20U.S./€20/£15.  If consensus can’t be reached, the proposal is decided by a simple majority vote.

In its first six months, the fund has:
-received over $1700U.S./1600EUR in donations from supporters in eight countries
-supported two dozen anti-fascists in Australia, Belarus, France, Germany, Russia, Spain, Sweden, and the U.S.
-received endorsements from The Torch Anti-Fascist Network (U.S.) and Föreningen Fånggruppen (Sweden)

Supporters can now make regular monthly contributions of any amount automatically by signing up here.  This is the best possible way to support the Fund and the anti-fascists and anti-racists it provides much-needed material aid to.