April 21: Nazi Rally in Newnan, Georgia Resisted by Anti-Racists, Assisted by Militarized Police


On April 21, 2018, the National Socialist Movement (NSM) held a small rally at the Greenville Street Park in Newnan, Georgia, 45 minutes southwest of Atlanta. The NSM’s application to use the Park — accepted by the City of Newnan for $50 — stated that the Nazi organization would bring fifty to a hundred participants for its white power rally. This was expected to be one of the largest displays of open white supremacists since the bloody “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia last year. In the end, the NSM attracted approximately half its minimum projected attendance and was protested by several hundred. To create conditions for the NSM event to take place, the entire City of Newnan was militarized, with approximately 700 police from various agencies swamping the City, mobilizing a large number of military surplus vehicles, then brutalizing and arresting anti-racist protesters. We are proud of the anti-racist protesters in Newnan on Saturday. Both “antifa” and other anti-racists continued to protest even as police pointed guns at them for no apparent reason, and repeatedly charged into the #NoNaziNewnan anti-racist assembly to violently arrest demonstrators. Further, the large organized presence from the Black community in Coweta County — visible directly across the street from the Nazi rally — was inspiring. The NSM event flopped. Anti-racists and anti-fascists have much to be pleased with from the 21st, despite the fresh instances of repression which we must now address. State displays of force such as we witnessed in Newnan seem increasingly likely as anti-fascists move forward in the South. The same is probably true throughout the US. In our conclusion, we will briefly discuss ramifications of this changed strategic situation.

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Evan James McCarty – From Musical Theatre to Nazi Propaganda

Evan McCarty aka Byron De La Vandal

In collaboration with comrades in Eugene, Rose City Antifa is revealing the identity of “Byron de la Vandal,” a virulent Nazi and hopeful fascist-folk musician, whose real name is Evan James McCarty. A major propagandist for the alt-right, McCarty also has ties to Vanguard America, True Cascadia, Daily Stormer groups, and the “Oregon Aryan” group of fascists that RCA wrote about in the Cascadian Coffee Company Discord log leaks.

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Harris Media Designer Ariel Gherman Tied to Alt-Right White Supremacists

Via Screwston Antifascist Committee

Summary: Ariel Michelle Gherman is a 24-year-old white supremacist living in Austin, Texas. In August 2017 she participated in the white supremacist “Unite the Right” demonstrations in Charlottesville, Virginia, where fellow white supremacist James Fields murdered anti-racist protester Heather Heyer. She also helped organize logistics for the group of Texas fascists and white supremacists who traveled to the “Unite the Right” demonstrations, and is connected to numerous Texas neo-Nazis and white supremacist organizations on social media. She works at a mainstream conservative graphic design and media strategy firm in Austin called Harris Media LLC.

Ariel Michelle Gherman (aka “Ariel Sherman”)

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Oppose the Nazi Rally in Newnan, GA, April 21!

via Atlanta Antifascists

The National Socialist Movement, a neo-Nazi organization, is having its national meeting in Georgia on April 20-21. While most of the meeting will be in Temple, Georgia (almost certainly at Patrick Lanzo’s Georgia Peach Oyster Bar), the Nazis are also having a public rally in Newnan, Georgia on the afternoon of Saturday, April 21. (Newnan is part of the Metro Atlanta area and is approximately 45 minutes southwest from Atlanta.) The Nazis are expecting 50-100 people to attend their rally at the Greenville Street Park in Newnan.

no nazis in newnanNeo-Nazis often believe that smaller cities (such as Newnan) will be more receptive to their racist message, and that they can come in and recruit. Let’s show the Nazis that they’re wrong and that they are not welcome!

Gather in downtown Newnan, 2PM, April 21st. Follow Atlanta Antifascists’ social media and the #nonazinewnan hashtag for updates.

Please spread the word! Print and distribute posters (download here) and half-sheet flyers (download here)!

Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/210807106182953/

If your organization wishes to endorse this mobilization, get in contact and we will add you to the list of endorsers.

Protest endorsers:

  • Atlanta Antifascists
  • Atlanta General Defense Committee
  • Atlanta Industrial Workers of the World
  • Northeast Georgia Democratic Socialists of America
  • Workers’ Solidarity Alliance – Atlanta Local

CORRECTION: Jack “Pale Horse” Corbin Previously Falsely ID’d

In October 2017, members and affiliates of the TORCH Network believed we had identified the individual known as Jack “Pale Horse” Corbin in the wake of active post-Charlottesville doxxing campaigns by alt-right trolls, especially on the 8chan /pol/ message board.

The person previously thought to be Corbin (Jake Loubriel), while incorrect, is still an alt-right troll helping to doxx antifascist comrades.

The real “Pale Horse” is Daniel W. McMahon of Brandon, FL as outlined in the original correction by Philly Antifa, which can be read here.

Thanks to the diligence of antifascists, McMahon’s internet activity (specifically doxxing efforts) has decreased significantly according to a recent report on Philly AntiCapitalist, and that McMahon has fled the continent and was summarily assaulted and/or mugged in a European red light district.





Due to consistent dangerous behavior incompatible with the antifascist movement, this is a declaration of separation from the group known as Great Lakes Antifa (also known as Nashville AntiFa).
These demonstrated behaviors include the following:
  • Spreading false statements and narratives to the media and public, both in person and on social media.
  • Claiming false relationships to individuals and groups to gain entry to trusted spaces.
  • Claiming other groups’ work as their own.
  • Creating ghost or sock social media accounts for chapters of established organizations that they do not belong to, such as ABC and ARA, in order to gain influence. 
  • Attempting entryism by sending GLA members to join other antifascist and activist groups, to make those groups more sympathetic to GLA.
  • Employing highly suspicious tactics typical of infiltrators (offering groups and individuals large quantities of money or resources) in order to gain influence.
  • Attempting to silence and discredit anyone who questions these misleading and suspicious statements and actions.
  • Spreading negative rumors about individuals and organizations with no basis or proof.
  • Starting public fights and feuds with activists, leaving actions and organizations exposed to attack by the state and fascists, rather than seeking non-public resolution.
  • Placing other activists – including people of color – at risk of state and fascist oppression by exposing them and their personal information in the media.
  • Physical and verbal assault of marginalized people and antifascists.
  • General lack of security culture exhibited in their sharing of information.
  • Employing questionable vetting practices for membership.
  • Specifically recruiting individuals who have been kicked out of other organizing groups for bad behavior.
  • Failing to hold themselves accountable to any concerns of other antifascist and activist groups regarding these behaviors.
As a movement, we now move to protect our organizations from these dangerous practices of Great Lakes Antifa. In solidarity with each other, those signed below will no longer work with GLA due to the above-mentioned behavior and regard GLA as unwelcome in our spaces and at our demonstrations in the future.
Lexington ARA
Upstate ARA
Cincinnati ARA
Columbus ARA
Nashville ARA
Antifa Sacramento
Western North Carolina Antifa
Rocky Mountain Antifa
Rose City Antifa
Atlanta Antifascists
Pacific Northwest Antifascist Workers Collective
Antifa Seven Hills
Pittsburgh AFA
Central Texas Anti-Racist Action
Northern California Anti-Racist Action (NoCARA)
Solidarity & Defense Lansing
Solidarity & Defense Detroit
Solidarity & Defense Grand Rapids
Solidarity & Defense Flint
Cleveland Anti-Racist Action
Cleveland Anti-Fascist Action
Burning River Anarchist Collective
Keystone Anti-Racist Action
574 Antifa 
Michiana Anti-Racist Collective
Southside Chicago Anti-Racist Action
Louisville Anti-Racist Action
For additional information about GLA’s actions:

On Blast: Jason Judd, Neo-Nazi Solar Panel Installer

From Antifa Sacramento

**The call-in campaign issued back on 3/27 has come to an end! We got confirmation that Jason Judd’s employment at Sun System Technology has been terminated. Thank you to everyone who participated in and supported our campaign! **

Jason Judd (alias Jason Kale) is a longtime Neo-Nazi and a member of the Golden State Skinheads (GSS). He is also associated with Hell’s Angels, the Traditionalist Worker Party(TWP), and the Hammerskins Nation. He was one of 20 GSS and TWP members who appeared at the 2016 neo-Nazi rally at the State Capitol in Sacramento, a demonstration that was ultimately shut down by a mobilization of 400+ anti-fascist counter-protesters. In the violent brawl that ensued, GSS members attacked counter-protesters with knives and sticks, specifically targeting visibly queer and non-white demonstrators. Judd himself was directly involved in the stabbings that occurred, grabbing a POC protester so that another Neo-Nazi could stab her. That particular antifascist sustained serious injuries and was hospitalized for 4 days.

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