Daniel L. Morley – Pledge Coordinator, Identity Evropa/American Identity Movement

Research by Antifa Seven Hills and The Queer Crimer

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Daniel Leas Morley is the Pledge Coordinator for the racist white nationalist group Identity Evropa (now American Identity Movement). Morley is responsible for guiding new applicants through the vetting process and “becoming full members of this great organization”. He has been a member since 2017.

A resident of Chesterfield County, Virginia, Dan fulfilled the family legacy and became a police officer, his current posting as the School Resource Officer at L.C. Bird High School in Chesterfield. Dan has moved a lot recently, most recently appears to have been about 4 months ago with his fiance Abbie. His current address unknown.  When not trolling in his CPD squad car, Morley can be seen out on the town in his black/gray 2007 Ford Mustang, license plate BRBRSA.

Primary Handle: @Danimal876 

Instagram: @reisende87

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VA Capitol Police Shows Affinity with White Nationalist Groups


Robert Allen Goward aka Rob Stamm, Officer with Virginia Capitol Police

  • Lives in Disputanta, Virginia in Wildwood Farms
  • Work phone: 804-786-2568
  • Work email: [email protected]

Rob Stamm, formerly known as Robert Allen Goward, is a police officer with the Virginia Capitol Police. Capitol Police is the police force responsible for the Virginia capitol grounds in downtown Richmond, Virginia — in the area of the Governor’s Mansion and General Assembly. Rob Stamm has been among the cops policing the numerous, near-daily protests demanding that Governor Ralph Northam resign. He was present at the capitol at least during protests on February 4th and 5th. 

As detailed in this document, Officer Rob Stamm has explicit, overt ties to a white nationalist pagan organization, and an affinity for imagery, tattoos and Facebook pages associated with nazis and white supremacists.

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Jewish Antifa Deface Nazi Collaborator Plaque

January 29, 2019

Jewish Antifascist Action

NEW YORK, NY – In the early hours of the morning on Monday, January 28, a group of Jewish antifascists from across the region took direct action to deface and defame the last known monument to Phillipe Pétain, the Nazi collaborator who was personally responsible for the deportation of French Jews to their deaths at Auschwitz, Maidanek, Sobibor, and internment camps under the direct authority of the Vichy regime. Of 75,721 deportees, fewer than 2,000 survived.

On Monday morning, red paint was found splattered across Pétain’s commemorative plaque along the “Canyon of Heroes” in Lower Manhattan, at the intersection of Broadway and Morris, while the surrounding area was found covered with antifascist graffiti. This graffiti is still visible as this goes to press.

These actions were undertaken autonomously, in solidarity with the Outlive Them Network’s call to action International Holocaust Remembrance Day, and in memory of the millions of dead and disappeared at the hands of fascists like Pétain. Outlive Them is an international network that seeks to “strike fascism at the root: the governments that sanction it, the institutions that bless it, and the businesses that profit from it.”

Jews who know their history hold the US government responsible for the refugee and immigration policies which condemned their ancestors to die in the ghettos and camps of Europe and North Africa, just as the Trump regime, today, continues to condemn refugees and genocide survivors to their deaths: whether by way of mass deportations, militarized borders, travel bans, or the denial of the right to asylum.

Seventy years after Pétain’s deportation force tore children as young as two from their parents — many were never heard from again, including 2,000 under the age of 6 and 6,000 under the age of 13 — our own government continues this policy of family separation at the southern border. And seventy years after Pétain oversaw the mass murder of Jews and other refugees, our own government continues to incite anti-Semitic, Islamophobic, and xenophobic violence from Charlottesville, VA to Pittsburgh, PA.

Despite pledging otherwise, neither Mayor DeBlasio nor Governor Cuomo have addressed monuments to Nazi collaborators like Pétain, which are given pride of place on some of the busiest blocks in the City of New York. With Monday’s actions, Jewish antifascists and allied forces have served notice that fascist apologism will not be tolerated in our city in 2019; that anti-Semitic ideology and violencewill be confronted with Jewish solidarity and strength; and that the Holocaust will be remembered not only with sadness and grief but also with righteous anger and action: “We will never forget. We will never forgive.”


Contact:  [email protected]
Photos:   http://outlivethem.wordpress.com/reportbacks

Updates on February 2nd “Rock Stone Mountain II” White Supremacist Rally

On the day before the Superbowl, February 2nd, Klansmen and neo-Nazis plan to hold a “Rock Stone Mountain II” rally at Stone Mountain Park outside Atlanta. We have written about this white power event extensively since it was announced, providing an overview of the blatantly white supremacist rallyhighlighting racists listed as “going” on the Facebook event page, and covering Stone Mountain Park’s denial of a permit for the rally. Stone Mountain Park’s decision has not deterred the “Rock Stone Mountain II” organizers. Here, we provide updates on “Rock Stone Mountain” organizing since the Park issued their decision in early November.

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PDX Stormers – Franchised Neo-Nazi Organizing In the PNW

members of the PDX Stormers attend a Patriot Prayer rally in Vancouver WA

Daily Stormer Book Clubs

The Daily Stormer Book Clubs (DSBC) are a network of neo-Nazi cells spread throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. Begun on Andrew Anglin’s The Daily Stormer web forum, these groups have allowed white supremacists and fascists in different metropolitan regions to meet and coordinate racist intimidation and violence since 2016.

The Portland, Oregon DSBC chapter (referred to in this article as the “PDX Stormers”) was until recently one of the largest and most active. Not only do they have a fluctuating membership in the neighborhood of 10 to 20 neo-Nazi participants, they have, more than other groups around the country, moved from the realm of the internet to real-world activities. Over the past couple years the PDX Stormers have carried out racist and anti-Semitic propaganda actions in the Portland metro area, in some instances targeting and then exposing even elementary school children to Nazi imagery. They have participated in a large number of Joey Gibson’s far-right rallies, and assaulted counter-protesters.

In October of 2017, Pacific Northwest Anti-fascist Workers Collective publicized information about PDX Stormer Jarl Rockhill. In February of 2018, Rose City Antifa publicized the identity of Vancouver, WA neo-Nazi Alexander Wolfgang Becker, also a member of the PDX Stormers. In the coming weeks, Rose City Antifa will expose the identities of three more PDX Stormers neo-Nazis: Matthew Blais, Bogdan Gerasimyuk, and Michael Dorsey. These three, along with Rockhill and Becker, represent the core of the most active and often seen neo-Nazis in the group. For updates, check rosecityantifa.org or follow along with the hashtags #stormerbreaker and #debaseddoxx.

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On Blast: Joseph and Anna Simmons, Neo-Nazis of Carmichael

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Joseph Ryan Simmons (AKA Josef Sigmundr) and his wife Anna Stasia Simmons (AKA Anna Sigmundr / Anna Lovesee) are two local white supremacists associated with the neo-Nazi gang the Golden State Skinheads (GSS). Joseph was one of twenty GSS members who participated in the infamous neo-Nazi rally at the State Capitol on June 26th, 2016. After the rally was canceled due to overwhelming opposition, GSS members brutally attacked anti-racist counter-protesters with knives and clubs , Joseph himself was carrying a knife on the Capitol grounds that day.

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Jordan Matthew Feder – 15 Years In Our Hearts

February 11th, 1980 – November 26, 2003

The Torch Antifascist Networks joins The Northeastern Federation of Anarcho-Communists and Anti-Racist Action in remembering Jordan
Matthew Feder, anti-authoritarian, anti-fascist, medic, and friend.
Jordan died from meningitis after protesting the Free Trade
Area of the Americas in Miami, Florida and helping de-contaminate the
many victims of police chemical weapons at the protests.
In remembrance, we’re re-publishing a tribute from New Jersey Anti-Racist
Action as we add Jordan’s name to our list of comrades gone, but not forgotten.

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