Permit Denied to White Supremacist “Rock Stone Mountain II” Rally

Citing safety concerns and potential disruption to services at their Park, the Stone Mountain Memorial Association has denied a permit to the “Rock Stone Mountain II” white power rally advertised for February 2, 2019. However, at the time of writing Rock Stone Mountain organizers have not publicly canceled their event. Since it is possible that the event’s Klan and white supremacist organizers may try to proceed without a permit or make other plans for the day, we are still asking all anti-racists and community allies to be ready to respond on February 2.

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Haley Adams and HimToo – A Movement of White Nationalists and Rape Apologists

Haley Adams

On November 17, 2018, Patriot Prayer member Haley Adams is holding a misogynist and rape-apologist rally in downtown Portland, co-hosted by Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson, and Quincy Anatello, a member of the Christian extremist group the “Hell Shaking Street Preachers”. Uniting the event’s messaging under the hashtag #HimToo, Adams and Patriot Prayer are producing propaganda that pretends there is an epidemic of false rape allegations against men equivalent to or exceeding in volume and severity to the horrifying realities of sexual harassment, rape, domestic violence, and murder of women and non-men in our society. The violence and the reliable presence of neo-Nazis and other fascists at Patriot Prayer events has already been well-established by Rose City Antifa and other media outlets. In this article, Rose City Antifa will document a number of violent men with documented histories of domestic and sexual violence or violence against women, whom Adams specifically invited to her rally. Not only is the premise of a “him too” rally ridiculous on its face, the behavior of Patriot Prayer, Proud Boys, Street Preachers and other associated far-right and white nationalist groups, both on the streets of Portland and in their private lives, shows that they are the exact the sort of threat described by the concept of “rape culture.”

Men are certainly also victimized by the sexual and domestic violence and rape culture. However, Haley and Patriot Prayer’s usage of the #HimToo hashtag has overwhelmingly ignored the possibility that men might be victims of violence in favor of simply “triggering the libs,” and publicly mocking and discrediting any claims of sexual violence. The event on the November 17 is sure to be one more iteration of right-wing public harassment from Adams, Patriot Prayer, and the Street Preachers, as they threaten, abuse, violate, dehumanize, and incite violence against marginalized people.

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Rise Above Movement Arrests: State Repression & Autonomous Anti-Fascism

On October 2nd, as has been widely reported in the media, four members of the violent neo-Nazi gang known as Rise Above Movement (earlier known as DIY Division) were arrested and are now facing federal rioting charges that could land them behind bars for years if convicted. The criminal complaint brought against members of RAM by the FBI references and quotes the work of Northern California Anti-Racist Action (NoCARA) on RAM which was published in July 2017. In light of this development, we believe it’s important to examine and clarify a number of important points relating to RAM, the FBI, state repression, and anti-fascist research and organizing.

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“Rock Stone Mountain II” Rally Scheduled for February 2, 2019 Outside Atlanta

Klansmen, neo-Nazis and white supremacists have announced their plan for a “resistance” rally at Stone Mountain Park outside Atlanta on February 2, 2019. The rally – “Rock Stone Mountain II” – is a sequel to the white power “Rock Stone Mountain” rally organized in April 2016 at the Park. In 2016, the organizers’ goal to have a white supremacist show of force was undermined by a multifaceted anti-racist mobilization of hundreds of counter-protestors. The white supremacists brought out just dozens, who were kept inside a police pen.

Anti-racists are again calling for a mass presence at Stone Mountain Park on February 2, to oppose the Klan and white supremacist organizing. Rock Stone Mountain II’s racist organizers hope to fare better than they did in 2016. The white nationalist rampage in Charlottesville, 2017 shows the danger of allowing organized racist movements to grow. It is crucial that we defend our communities and stand against them.


Rallying against the racists, Stone Mountain Park, April 2016

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Weed Nazi Bethany Sherman Employs White Supremacist Lawyer William Daniel Johnson to Abuse Court System

In 2017, Eugene Antifa revealed that Bethany Sherman, owner of cannabis testing lab OG Analytical in Eugene, OR, was a Nazi with a large online presence of fascist and racist Twitter posts. Sherman was forced to close her business as a result. Now, Sherman, with the help of white supremacist attorney William Daniel Johnson, is attempting to abuse the court system in order to subpoena Eugene Antifa’s former web host to reveal personal information about members of Eugene Antifa and visitors to their website. There is no legal basis for these subpoenas, according to the Civil Liberties Defense Center (CLDC), and the entire case is nothing more than an attempt to target anti-fascist activists and intimidate them in order to prevent the truth about these Nazis in our community from being known.

Bethany Sherman, the “Weed Nazi”

bethany sherman
Bethany Sherman, here representing her former company, OG Analytical.

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Matthew Heimbach Joins the Nat’l Socialist Movement


The currently incarcerated Bill White is probably killing himself watching all the fash do what he was doing when he was on the street, but now he can see Matthew Heimbach returning, and taking his old job!

Matthew Heimbach, who’s Traditionalist Workers’ Party (TWP) fell apart after he was arrested for assaulting his wife and father-in-law after the two of them caught him in an affair with his father-in-law’s second wife, has announced he has joined the National Socialist Movement (NSM) invoking memories of another who had taken on a similar role that he currently fills.

According to a press release, Heimbach is joining the NSM as its Director of Community Outreach, which is supposed to handle public and international relations as well as a number of community outreach programs. This is a continuance of the relationship Heimbach has had with the organization, which has been building ever since the NSM and TWP with other groups, many of them Klan based, formed the Nationalist Front. It was that coalition that observers say sparked the violence during the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, VA on Aug. 12, 2017, that cost the life of counter-protester Heather Heyer.

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The Proud Boys in Berkeley’s City Hall

Ryoga Vee (front, center in Spider-Man outfit) poses for a photo with Bay Area Proud Boys and allies on April 27, 2017

NoCARA recently received an anonymous submission of documents disclosing communications as well as a meeting that took place between Berkeley City Councilman Ben Bartlett, conservative activist Ryoga Vee, and Bay Area Proud Boy Jarod Flores. This news comes at a time when Councilman Bartlett is under fire for abusing his authority on multiple occasions in order to avoid traffic tickets, and the Berkeley City Council and Berkeley police are facing backlash from the community after Berkeley PD doxxed counter protesters opposing a far-right rally in MLK Park on August 5.

While the records we received don’t comprehensively lay out the exact contents of the meeting Bartlett had with Ryoga Vee and Jarod Flores, we believe the timing of their communications and additional comments elsewhere by Vee provide insight and context into what happened and why. A link to the original PDF we received can be found at the bottom of this article after the analysis below.

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