On Blast: Joshua Wallace – member of the Hammerskins – neo-Nazi of Tuolumne County

Joshua Wallace and Lindsay Donaldson. The symbol on Wallace’s hat is a Wolfsangel previously used by the Nazi party.

Joshua Wallace resides in Jamestown, California. He works at Sierra Pacific Industries in Sonora, is married to Lindsay Donaldson ( now Lindsay Wallace)and is a full blown member of the Hammerskins, a known white supremacist group with a violent history of racist attacks. This post offers a brief history of Hammerskins, how Wallace is related to the group, who he socializes with, and his doxx information at the end.

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Midtown Commons Residents Warned of Nazi Neighbor: Dustin Ray Hamby

Recently flyers describing the activities of Austin Nazi leader, Dustin Ray Hamby (aka Chef Goyardee) covered the interior of the Midtown Commons apartments located at 7211 Easy Wind Dr. as well as the windows of nearby businesses. 

Residents saw several dozen flyers on each floor of Hamby’s apartment building and learned of his role as a Network Directing Officer of Patriot Front. Hamby coordinated van rentals and AirBNB reservations for the Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville, thus bearing significant responsibility for the death of antifascist martyr Heather Heyer and the serious injuries to dozens of others. It is important to note that Patriot Front is simply the rebranding of Vanguard America following this deadly attack by Vanguard member, James A. Fields.

Dustin Ray Hamby has been exposed and targeted by Central Texas antifascists before. He recently lost his job at Kome Sushi after management was made aware of his character and history. Hamby became vindictive, yelled at the manager, and later instructed his followers to leave slanderous reviews about the restaurant. The spurious reviews were subsequently deleted and all Hamby achieved was making future restaurant employment more difficult for him.

A flyer was seen on the window of Hamby’s former employer, Black Star Co-Op

Nobody wants a racist, violent, drunk  coworker and any business that employs the Nazi Dustin Ray Hamby or his associates is sure to face a community boycott — at an absolute minimum. 

Hamby has also been named as a defendant in a lawsuit concerning Unite The Right, albeit under his alias “Chef Goyardee” before his true identity was revealed to the world. CenTex ARA entirely rejects participation in or cooperation with the “law” and holds no illusions the capitalist State will strike meaningful blows against a Fascist movement that reinforces their rule. Hamby’s own neighbors are far more likely to inflict reprisals against him than are the courts, especially now that other Midtown Commons residents know his identity. Reports of escalating actions against him would come as no surprise. 

All fascists and neo-nazis would do well to learn that there is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide in Texas. If they are afraid of publicly organizing events antifascists will come to them instead. They are far safer quitting their fascist activities, publicly naming and denouncing their leaders, and working to destroy their former organizations. Short of that there is no hope for them whatsoever.

Nazi Dustin Hamby Fired, Fascists Retaliate Online

Neo-Nazi Dustin Ray Hamby Fired

Dustin Ray Hamby (recently exposed as the fascist organizer “Chef Goyardee”) lost his job at an Austin, TX Japanese restaurant on October 13th when managers learned of his Nazi activities and other abusive behaviors. Hamby — who helped coordinate the deadly “Unite The Right” demonstration in Charlottesville and handled security for white nationalist leader Richard Spencer in Gainseville, Florida — worked at the restaurant for less than a week before he was found out.

Dustin Hamby began screaming at the Head Chef and General Manager upon receiving news of his termination, removing all doubt about his character. Apparently determined to sabotage his career forever, Hamby enlisted the help of his Nazi friends to leave false and defamatory reviews on the restaurant’s Yelp page (the reviews were swiftly removed.)

Fake reviews Chef Goyardee’s fellow Nazis left about the restaurant immediately after the termination.

Patriot Front’s “Network Directing Officer” for Austin once again displayed impulsiveness and poor judgement. His embarrassing (and possibly drunken) histrionics demonstrate Patriot Front’s desperation, lack of discipline, and incompetent leadership.

Austin restaurants know that there will be zero tolerance for Nazis, and that anyone employing Dustin Ray Hamby will regret that decision sooner or later.

Dustin Hamby Exposed as Austin Leader of Patriot Front

Dustin Ray Hamby, aka “Chef Goyardee”, is an Austin-based Neo-Nazi and cook who now serves as the Austin area Network Directing Officer for the fascist group Patriot Front.

His most notable activities include leading the Texas fascist delegation to the Nazi “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville and coordinating security for a Richard Spencer talk in Florida.  Dustin was previously doxxed by Autonomous Student Media here and here, but no connections were made to his identity as Chef Goyardee or the extent of his involvement in fascist activity. Flyers have been posted around his apartment and surrounding neighborhood in Austin this week with information about Dustin’s Nazi activity.
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99′ to 2019 And Beyond – Resist White Terror

Gardens in Redding, CA dedicated to celebrating the lives of Gary Matson and Winfield Mowder who were murdered by white supremacists on July 1, 1999

  At the end of the summer of 1999, Sacramento had experienced arson attacks at three synagogues in a single night in the month of June and then an arson attack at a women’s health center where abortions were provided in July. Not long after the women’s health center attack, the news came out that those responsible for the the four arson attacks were also responsible for the murder of a gay couple up in the Redding area. At each synagogue that was attacked, literature was left behind for the World Church of the Creator, a white supremacist group that is now known as Creativity.

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Dahlonega, Georgia: Flyers Warn Residents about Neo-Nazi Organizer

On Tuesday, September 3rd, Atlanta Antifascists mailed 250 flyers to Dahlonega, north Georgia residents, warning them about “fourth-generation Klansman” and active neo-Nazi Chester James Doles, Jr. 

Doles is the main organizer for the upcoming “Patriots”/“Trump” rally in Dahlonega on September 14. This rally is a thinly veiled white supremacist event which has been advertised in neo-Nazi circles. The Dahlonega rally currently features Jovanni Valle – a former “Alt-lite” personality who now embraces Hitler – as a guest speaker.

North Georgia residents and Southern anti-racists are organizing against the September 14 far-Right rally. We hope that by warning Doles’ neighbors about his history as a violent Klansman and his continued neo-Nazi activity, we impair Doles’ ability to organize.

Flyer about Chester Doles (click here to download .pdf)

Follow our Twitter account for updates on the Dahlonega rally. If you have information on Doles or any of his associates, please get in touch.