Your Milk Has Curdled: Anti-fascist Scouting Against League of the South Activity in Georgia, April 21, 2018

When considering the grandiose statements of white supremacists, it is hard to fathom that household dysfunction and Oedipus complexes can bring down entire organizations. Such moments highlight that oppressive, hierarchical organizations’ structure are rotten — and fragile — to the core. With the rottenness that permeates all white supremacist organizations in mind, we provide this communique on the abomination that is the League of the South.Continue reading →

Jacob Stephen Von Ott – Still A Fascist, Still Unwelcome In Portland


Jake Von Ott

We are calling on FedEx to fire Jacob Von Ott from their Troutdale processing facility. The community of Troutdale and the employees of FedEx deserve to live and work in places free from the violent influence and propaganda of white supremacist organizers like Ott.

You can contact Ott’s employer at:
Fedex Sorting Center, 2460 NW Sundial Rd, Troutdale, OR 97060
(503) 660-1700
Fedex Human Resources: (503) 660-1827
Senior Manager of Fedex Troutdale – Shane Spannaus
(503) 660-1749

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The Neo-Nazis Next Door, Alongside Goodwin in Charlottesville

Christopher Michael Pack, a former student Western Carolina University, and Karissa Anne Herbst Pack are former residents of Indiana and current residents of Brasstown, NC and have been flying under the radar lately to avoid the consequences of their choices. Christopher’s decision to stop lurking in the shadows and safety of the internet, and begin organizing at violent white supremacist rallies is why we’re bringing these weasels to the spotlight. Below we will be focusing our attention to Christopher and specify when including Karissa’s involvement in the white power movement. What has over the years evolved from trolling people online through twitter, facebook, gab (a popular social media site amongst the far-right) and discord has since moved on to more violent tactics. A fan of the sub-genre of NSBM, national socialist black metal, he attends larger shows in Atlanta area and lesser known shows at The Georgia Peach Oyster Bar, a bar outside Temple, Georgia that regularly holds white power shows and rallies.


Name: Christopher Michael Pack
Aliases: Ian Moone, seigeresist, Mr. Deplorable, John Smith
Address: 33 Bending Trail, Brasstown, NC 28902
DOB: 04/27/84
Phone number: 219-972-0052


Name: Karissa Ann (Herbst) Pack
Aliases: Kcapack, karherbst, frodolover69
Address: 33 bending Trail, Brasstown, NC 28902
DOB: 03/06/90
Phone Number: 828-837-4763

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Remember Dan & Spit!

This year, the TORCH Network is calling on antifascists everywhere to take back July 4th from this legacy of white supremacy and instead fight back against fascism and oppression in celebration and remembrance of Dan and Spit’s life work. We urge you to join us in lifting up their names and making sure that their sacrifice isn’t forgotten. Drop a banner, table at a show, host an anti-fascist reading group, provide outreach and support to oppressed communities, write letters to anti-racist prisoners, burn an American flag, put up anti-fascist posters, organize a solidarity demo, or take action against local fascists in Dan and Spit’s names. The list goes on- get creative, get in the streets, and take action this July 4th! Dan and Spit may be gone, but we will continue to carry on this work without them. They will not be forgotten.

April 21: Nazi Rally in Newnan, Georgia Resisted by Anti-Racists, Assisted by Militarized Police


On April 21, 2018, the National Socialist Movement (NSM) held a small rally at the Greenville Street Park in Newnan, Georgia, 45 minutes southwest of Atlanta. The NSM’s application to use the Park — accepted by the City of Newnan for $50 — stated that the Nazi organization would bring fifty to a hundred participants for its white power rally. This was expected to be one of the largest displays of open white supremacists since the bloody “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia last year. In the end, the NSM attracted approximately half its minimum projected attendance and was protested by several hundred. To create conditions for the NSM event to take place, the entire City of Newnan was militarized, with approximately 700 police from various agencies swamping the City, mobilizing a large number of military surplus vehicles, then brutalizing and arresting anti-racist protesters. We are proud of the anti-racist protesters in Newnan on Saturday. Both “antifa” and other anti-racists continued to protest even as police pointed guns at them for no apparent reason, and repeatedly charged into the #NoNaziNewnan anti-racist assembly to violently arrest demonstrators. Further, the large organized presence from the Black community in Coweta County — visible directly across the street from the Nazi rally — was inspiring. The NSM event flopped. Anti-racists and anti-fascists have much to be pleased with from the 21st, despite the fresh instances of repression which we must now address. State displays of force such as we witnessed in Newnan seem increasingly likely as anti-fascists move forward in the South. The same is probably true throughout the US. In our conclusion, we will briefly discuss ramifications of this changed strategic situation.

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Evan James McCarty – From Musical Theatre to Nazi Propaganda

Evan McCarty aka Byron De La Vandal

In collaboration with comrades in Eugene, Rose City Antifa is revealing the identity of “Byron de la Vandal,” a virulent Nazi and hopeful fascist-folk musician, whose real name is Evan James McCarty. A major propagandist for the alt-right, McCarty also has ties to Vanguard America, True Cascadia, Daily Stormer groups, and the “Oregon Aryan” group of fascists that RCA wrote about in the Cascadian Coffee Company Discord log leaks.

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Harris Media Designer Ariel Gherman Tied to Alt-Right White Supremacists

Via Screwston Antifascist Committee

Summary: Ariel Michelle Gherman is a 24-year-old white supremacist living in Austin, Texas. In August 2017 she participated in the white supremacist “Unite the Right” demonstrations in Charlottesville, Virginia, where fellow white supremacist James Fields murdered anti-racist protester Heather Heyer. She also helped organize logistics for the group of Texas fascists and white supremacists who traveled to the “Unite the Right” demonstrations, and is connected to numerous Texas neo-Nazis and white supremacist organizations on social media. She works at a mainstream conservative graphic design and media strategy firm in Austin called Harris Media LLC.

Ariel Michelle Gherman (aka “Ariel Sherman”)

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