Nazi Dustin Hamby Fired, Fascists Retaliate Online

Neo-Nazi Dustin Ray Hamby Fired

Dustin Ray Hamby (recently exposed as the fascist organizer “Chef Goyardee”) lost his job at an Austin, TX Japanese restaurant on October 13th when managers learned of his Nazi activities and other abusive behaviors. Hamby — who helped coordinate the deadly “Unite The Right” demonstration in Charlottesville and handled security for white nationalist leader Richard Spencer in Gainseville, Florida — worked at the restaurant for less than a week before he was found out.

Dustin Hamby began screaming at the Head Chef and General Manager upon receiving news of his termination, removing all doubt about his character. Apparently determined to sabotage his career forever, Hamby enlisted the help of his Nazi friends to leave false and defamatory reviews on the restaurant’s Yelp page (the reviews were swiftly removed.)

Fake reviews Chef Goyardee’s fellow Nazis left about the restaurant immediately after the termination.

Patriot Front’s “Network Directing Officer” for Austin once again displayed impulsiveness and poor judgement. His embarrassing (and possibly drunken) histrionics demonstrate Patriot Front’s desperation, lack of discipline, and incompetent leadership.

Austin restaurants know that there will be zero tolerance for Nazis, and that anyone employing Dustin Ray Hamby will regret that decision sooner or later.