#IdentifyEvropa – 2 Weeks In

On March 6th, decentralized media collective Unicorn Riot published a trove of internal Discord chat logs of the white nationalist group Identity Evropa.

Antifascist researchers across the country, including members of the Torch Network, have been diligently analyzing this new data to identify and expose the leadership and members of the group. While much of the exposure is occurring on Twitter, the bulk of these investigations are being compiled and published on a new website: IdentifyEvropa.org.

In the ensuing fallout, many of key figures in Identity Evropa (IE) have been doxxed, including: Patrick Casey, Executive Director; Justin Peek, Director of Activism; and Daniel Morley, national Pledge Coordinator, who until recently, was a school resource officer in Virginia. Occupations of IE members range wide, from their typical upper class college student, to lawyers, health professionals, electricians, police, and members of the military.

In the face of our valiant efforts, Patrick Casey and his followers are attempting to leave behind the stigmatized carcass of IE, and step into definitely “not a rebrand”, the American Identity Movement. Taking a cue from IdaVox, the Torch Network and other antifascists are abbreviating this travesty of an organization as “AmIM” to differentiate between the American Indian Movement, “a 51 year old organization dedicated to fighting for the rights of American Indians and dedicated to fighting hate groups”.

Despite their emphasis on “good optics”, IE/AmIM know that their beliefs and worldviews are still anathema to a majority of Americans, and thus need to resort to intensive public relations trainings and language policing on each other.

The Torch Antifascist Network and our accomplices in the #IdentifyEvropa campaign remain steadfast and committed to exposing each member’s racist affiliations and behavior to the public. We have only just begun.