Matthew Heimbach Joins the Nat’l Socialist Movement


The currently incarcerated Bill White is probably killing himself watching all the fash do what he was doing when he was on the street, but now he can see Matthew Heimbach returning, and taking his old job!

Matthew Heimbach, who’s Traditionalist Workers’ Party (TWP) fell apart after he was arrested for assaulting his wife and father-in-law after the two of them caught him in an affair with his father-in-law’s second wife, has announced he has joined the National Socialist Movement (NSM) invoking memories of another who had taken on a similar role that he currently fills.

According to a press release, Heimbach is joining the NSM as its Director of Community Outreach, which is supposed to handle public and international relations as well as a number of community outreach programs. This is a continuance of the relationship Heimbach has had with the organization, which has been building ever since the NSM and TWP with other groups, many of them Klan based, formed the Nationalist Front. It was that coalition that observers say sparked the violence during the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, VA on Aug. 12, 2017, that cost the life of counter-protester Heather Heyer.

Heimbach’s ascension is similar to that of William A. White, a self-styled anarchist who abandoned leftist principles and joined the NSM as its Communications Director. Heimbach has a number of other similarities as White as both are from Maryland and both were seen as craving the spotlight, in White’s case it being through his website, where we would often write self-serving and baseless articles which generally would be untrue about various political issues. White’s profile was raised its highest when he organized a rally for the NSM in Toledo, Ohio on Oct. 12, 2005. The rally descalated into a riot instigated by police against activists after the NSM participants were escorted away – and it briefly put White in the media spotlight as the face of the organization, even though the NSM never again held another rally in a working class neighborhood. But internal fights with the NSM and his own penchant for rumormongering against others in neo-Nazi circles caused the NSM to force him out of the organization, and he went on to found another group, the American National Socialist Workers’ Party (ANSWP). It was at this time White began a campaign of harassment and threats against a number of people such as government officials, people in the news, and political opponents.

In October 2008, White was arrested and charged with threatening a juror in the case of Matt Hale, a white supremacist leader who was ultimately convicted of conspiring to kill a federal judge and sentenced to 40 years in federal prison. A number of other victims of his harassment added to his charges and he served three years after being convicted of some of the charges, but after he was released, he fled after learning that he was to be returned to prison because his sentence fell below the sentencing guidelines, but he was captured in Mexico and returned to Virginia, where he faced even more charges for trying to extort money from his ex-wife and making even more threats to judge, an FBI agent and a prosecutor in Florida. Convictions in both cases resulted in White serving a total of 24 years in federal prison, which he is currently serving.

Heimbach is no stranger to legal entanglements himself. In 2016, Heimbach was caught on film shoving a black woman who was protesting Trump at a Louisville, Kentucky campaign rally and along with two other men charged with misdemeanor harassment, Heimbach being served with a criminal summons in April 2017 while participating in an NSM rally in Pikeville, Kentucky. Two months later, Heimbach entered an Alford plea, a form of guilty plea, and he was fined $145, ordered to attend anger management classes, and sentenced to 90 days in jail, but the jail sentence was suspended on the condition that Heimbach not commit another crime within two years. Eight months later however, Heimbach was arrested and charged with battery in Indiana after he allegedly assaulted his stepfather and TWP co-founder David “Matt” Parrott, Jr.  during a fight stemming from accusations that he was having sexual relations with his wife, and assaulting his own wife reportedly in front of police who responded to the incident. This caused TWP to shutter the same day, and after appearing in court, Heimbach served 38 days in jail for violating his probation. He still faces a federal lawsuit from the Louisville incident, but he pled guilty to the Indiana charges on Sept. 18, five days before his official announcement that he joined the NSM. The judge gave him a suspended sentence of 287 days in jail, ordered him to pay $446 in court costs and have no contact with his estranged wife, except through ongoing divorce proceedings. Heimbach has been seen recently in Tennessee attempting to build inroads with local Democratic Party leaders. It is not known how well he fared in that effort.

An NSM rally is planned for Little Rock, Arkansas on Nov 10 to protest South Africa. A new logo for the organization is also reportedly in the works.