#DanAndSpit Action Round Up

We put out the call, and you responded! Below is a round up of actions that took place across the country and the world in solidarity with Dan and Spit, the two Las Vegas Anti-Racist Action members murdered 20 years ago by neo-Nazis.

Spit’s headstone, ARA in life and death!

Charlottesville, Virginia

Comrades in Charlottesville started things off with a release of contact information exposing organizers of Unite The Right 2.0, scheduled to take place August 12, 2018 in Washington D.C.

Richmond, Virginia

Antifa Seven Hills handed out memorial flyers and sparklers to spread the word about Dan and Spit in their local community. Later that night they unveiled a solidarity banner complete with fireworks to celebrate the day of action.

And of course an obligatory flag burn from some other friends 😉

Portland, Oregon

Anti-fascists in Portland honored Dan and Spit with an impressive banner drop and messages of solidarity across the city.

New York City, New York

Comrades from the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement in NYC put up graffiti in solidarity with the call to action.

Sydney, Australia

Comrades in Sydney brought the day of action down under with a powerful mural commemorating Dan and Spit.

Sacramento, California

Antifa Sacramento put up a banner in honor of Dan and Spit, and anti-racist activists lifted up their names while taking to the streets for an anti-4th of July party that included an action at the local ICE building and a noise demo at the county jail.

San Diego, California

Lexington, Kentucky

Lexington ARA created a write up for the day of action.

Seattle, Washington

Comrades in Seattle showed up with an anti-fascist graffiti mural celebrating Dan and Spit.

Bloomington, Indiana

Friends in Indiana are gearing up for their memorial dance party tonight!

Remembrance in History


A 1998 ARA News article on their killing

Many thanks to everyone who participated in the day of action in remembrance of Dan and Spit. Our comrades may be gone, but they will never be forgotten. We will keep up the fight against white supremacy and oppression with their memory in our hearts!