CORRECTION: Jack “Pale Horse” Corbin Previously Falsely ID’d

In October 2017, members and affiliates of the TORCH Network believed we had identified the individual known as Jack “Pale Horse” Corbin in the wake of active post-Charlottesville doxxing campaigns by alt-right trolls, especially on the 8chan /pol/ message board.

The person previously thought to be Corbin (Jake Loubriel), while incorrect, is still an alt-right troll helping to doxx antifascist comrades.

The real “Pale Horse” is Daniel W. McMahon of Brandon, FL as outlined in the original correction by Philly Antifa, which can be read here.

Thanks to the diligence of antifascists, McMahon’s internet activity (specifically doxxing efforts) has decreased significantly according to a recent report on Philly AntiCapitalist, and that McMahon has fled the continent and was summarily assaulted and/or mugged in a European red light district.