Jasper residents have quite a choice ahead of them when they head to the polls to choose their School Board President. The choice is between an angry, mentally ill, racist loon who can’t hold down a job and between someone who’s… well… not those things.

Here’s Johnny Boy doing his one man show which I’ve entitled, “I’m a Racist Nutjob”. Johnny gave his performance at the University of Southern Indiana in the wake of the Trayvon Martin murder. His sign reads:

Just a Ghetto Hoodlum
If Obama had a son he would be Trayvon

Gotta say it. I’m a bit disappointed with the level of effort put into this sign. Only one color of marker (black oddly enough). I put Johnny at about a fourth-grade reading level based on the grammar. There’s not even a picture to grab the eye. Your one-man protest earns a failing grade. Sorry Johnny, doesn’t look like you’re quite ready for college yet.

John King is politically active, but not very politically loyal. He’s an active member of the American Third Position, a racist hate group. He also describes himself as a “rabid” supporter of Ron Paul and the Libertarian Party (shocking). He also argued that he has a “lifelong affiliation” with the Republican Party when he tried to sue his way into the RNC delagation earlier this year. He’s also involved with the Sovereign Citizen Movement, which the FBI classifies among domestic terror threats as anti-government extremists. He’s claims he’s done campaign work for his “favorite” political party in the UK, we’re looking into it but I’m gonna take a gamble and say that it’s mos def the BNP or EDL.

John King is also mentally ill. Seriously. Mentally. Ill. Here he is talking about himself [content removed, here’s our archived copy] on an online Bipolar Support Group. It’s a long rant, but completely worth reading. In his online diatribe, John basically explains to everyone why he fails at life. Since the synopsis comes straight from the bigot’s mouth, I’ll pull a few quotes to make sure that all the potential conservative voters are aware of exactly who they’re voting for.

“Between VA compensation and SSD I earn about 150% of the average Indiana per capita salary.” That’s right, Johnny the Libertarian not only lives off the government, but is making 50% more than the average Hoosier.

“The Army was a dumb idea when my parents twisted my arm into it when I was younger but I guess I turned a bad experience into a good thing by pursuing disability with the VA. My kids will receive free college education. All student loans have been forgiven. My medical and dental care is free for life. I haven’t needed to work for nearly 10 years. It is great to do what I want, say what I want and have no boss.” I’m so telling Ayn Rand on you…

“24.4% of people in Indiana have a declared psych diagnosis. How many haven’t come for treatment? I like to joke that when we “psych diagnosed people” become the majority in this state (and we are growing as the country goes down the drain) that payback is gonna be a real bitch to the so-called “normal” people who treat us like N-words.” Hmmm… Is that how they treat you Johnny Boy?

“Some people tell me I ought to get a PhD or get a Law Degree. I’m sure I could get myself into these schools. But for what purpose? The bottom line is that SS and the VA say that I am “permanently unemployable”. If my parents had a family business it would work out well for me. If I screamed at people now and then, no problem. But in today’s world of work if you screw up in any way, your butt is out the door.” I’m not sure who’s telling this fool he should do post-graduate work. I’d be more inclined to suggest GED courses. Are all you fiscal conservatives, republicans, and libertarians getting this? He would go get a high-paying job, but what’s the point when Social Security and the Veteran’s Administration say that he’s “permanently unemployable” and doesn’t have to work? He might have to stop randomly screaming at people if he were forced to do the unthinkable and work for a living.

Once again, I would beg anyone thinking about voting for this lunatic to read the entire post. Did you know that WWII was fought so that John King could get a job as a nurse and spew racial hatred at his coworkers? Did you know that even though he’s on permanent disability that John King travels to Europe? John King himself is grateful for his circumstances because “What working stiff could afford that or have the time for it?” Did you know that John King thinks he deserves a ‘D’ in social skills rather than the ‘F’ his “shrink” gave him?

King has worked with to produce some nonsense about the impending white genocide. This YouTube video entitled “White Genocide: Fact or Fiction” shows just how deluded he is and has raised eyebrows in the local news.


John King is mad. Apparently he read our last article focusing on his mental health issues and was not a happy camper. So what does he do? He confirms beyond all reasonable doubt that the poster at the bipolar support group was indeed him by writing a post threatening to sue the support group. Unlike everyone else on that board he decided to not just use his handle but give out his full name and life story on scamming disability for behaviour problems under the guise of mental illness.

Here posted this rant and then a copy of our article:

This is my first visit to this forum since Sept 6, 2010. Recently I have been in a campaign for School Board in my Indiana county. Just a few days ago an article appeared on an Anti-White site known as HARM, Hoosier Anti Racist Movement. This is a violent group which seeks to enforce its beliefs on other people. Currently five of its members are being held in a Chicago prison on multiple felony charges. A certain group known as the Illinois European-American Economic Forum was having a lunch meeting in a upscale restaurant in a Chicago suburb (Tinley Park). In come about 20 masked people with hammers and bats and beat these diners and other unrelated people senseless. Now the same group of “do gooders” have an article about me. They have quotes from me taken from THIS FORUM. Every quote about mental illness was stolen from this site. Following is the article. It’s out there and I think all of you should see how SECURITY at this “Support Group” was breached. I am never going to disclose any personal details here again and I advise you not to do so either or you may face the same fate as me. When there is violence against me or my family If and when there is violence by these terrorists against me or my family (young children) I will be suing this group along with others. I think it’s extremely low class to make fun of someone because of their service connected illness.

Unlike these Anti-Whites who call any sort of pro-White civil rights activism “white supremacism” (which I am definitely not) I actually served this country in uniform.

As it turns out, the people in his own support group like him just about as much as we at HARM do. One responder wrote:

And I would imagine you should spend less time worrying about the security of this website and consider the one that just gave me your address and telephone number. Took me less than five minutes. Simperingly easy. Yeah, if you’ve got half a brain then you’ve probably changed your number already, but the point stands: that shit can cause more potential damage to you than anything you’ve written here. By the way, if you haven’t changed your number then you’re even more stupid than I imagine you are.
Yeah, I checked you out. Seems you’re all over the internet in a really bad way. And you’re worried about what is said HERE?
If you’re too sick to hold down a job, how in the hell are you going to handle the position you’re seeking to win?

John King wrote:

24.4% of people in Indiana have a declared psych diagnosis.
You drove them to it, didn’t you?

John King wrote:

payback is gonna be a real bitch to the so-called “normal” people who treat us like N-words.
You know what’s really interesting to me about this? I tell people pretty much straight away that I’m bipolar. Nobody has treated me badly at all. I know it happens, but I really don’t think it’s as widespread as you imagine. Have you ever considered the possibility that at least some are reacting to your demeanor rather than your illness?

John King wrote:

This world is so sick.

And you could be the damn poster boy.

John King wrote:

People ask me what I do for a living.

You get up in the morning and prove that, in some cases, abortion should be mandated.

John King wrote:

I think it’s extremely low class to make fun of someone because of their service connected illness.

Okay, now you’re really a dumbass. I don’t care how many schools or programs you’ve danced with over the years. You need to do some homework. Let me lay this out for you since it’s obviously escaped your attention. BIPOLAR DISORDER DOESN’T COME FROM THE MILITARY; YOU’RE BORN WITH IT. Just because they found it and you got disability doesn’t mean it’s “service-connected”, it just means they figured out you had it. It’s genetic, so if you want to do anything good for your kids, learn to recognize the signs and WATCH THEM. If they need the help, get it for them before they have to suffer too long. The military didn’t create your illness. I spent 12 years in service to this country. I can trace my bipolar disorder all the way back to age six. Docs currently say they can find it as early as seven, but I can see it before that. Anyway, don’t paint the military for your illness, in part or in whole; blame your DNA.

John King wrote:

I didn’t fight for your freedom and I didn’t do anything heroic.

John King wrote:

I actually served this country in uniform.

Ahem, yeah, I think you just said it best. Just grabbed that rope with zeal on that one. Remember to put the knot on the side of your neck and not in the back.

You’ve got so much dirt on you that you could start a sandbox company. You’re a racist. I don’t care what bullshit sugar-coated term you like to use. I call it as it is; you’re a sick fucking racist and that’s evident to anyone who reads about you or watches your video or the newscast about you. You’re an oozing, angry, ugly sore on not only the face of America, but the face of the entire human race. [em added]

It’s very rare that I come across someone who is so unstable that I can only imagine that they are, indeed, beyond help. For the protection of the society, you should be in a straitjacket and a padded fucking cell. You are, without doubt, the most fucked-up person I have ever encountered on this site; certainly the only one I have ever had to rebuke so strongly.

I know you think you’re right and that I’m misguided, but I’ve learned enough about this illness to know mania when I see it. You’re delusional, you think you’re greater than everyone else, you’re overly zealous, and you just don’t seem to see it. If you can’t rent out the cell, at least get your damn meds adjusted.

Oh, and you’re fat and ugly, too. Just thought I’d throw that in.
And if you’re gonna be in politics, in any manner, get used to people digging into you. It’s a dirty business and if you aren’t able to take it, they’ll skin you alive.
Which may not be such a bad thing.

I just emailed HARM and gave them permission to reproduce any portion of this reply that they wish. I did, however, at least say that I could not give them permission to take anything from your post, only from mine.
I really hope they fry your sorry ass.

DAMN! I think Johnny Boy should be more worried about his support group coming after him than a bunch of law-abiding citizens like HARM.

Give John King a call or stop by and ask him why he’s so mad!

John King
161 Schuetter Rd.
Jasper IN 47546

John King III – Johnny’s Rant at the BiPolar Support Group

So as you already know, Johnny Boy King is mad. We’re getting a flood of new information about John King as it appears he’s managed to make a bunch of his fellow “activist” friends pretty mad. Mad enough to talk trash to antifa about him.

The support group that we pulled all of Johnny’s psych history from is none to happy with Johnny either. The bipolarsupportgroup mods decided they didn’t want their site flooded with traffic over the racist neanderthal John King. They booted him off their site and deleted all his posts. But… just in case you missed it… We saved a copy for your reading pleasure:

Hello everyone! My name is John King. I live in Jasper, Indiana in south-western Indiana. I’m 42 years old. My experience with Bipolar began after my short and aborted time in the Army. I was not a soldier. I worked in an Army hospital. I didn’t fight for your freedom and I didn’t do anything heroic. I was totally unfit and unprepared to be an Army officer. My parents pushed me into applying for an Army scholarship to attend medical school. My parents when I was in college started pushing this medical school idea on me. It didn’t work out. I quit early into my 4th semester. But I still owed the Army time. On my exit physical it was noted that I had an undefined neurosis and that I had received psych help while in uniform. I was rated at 0% compensation. It was not until about 5 years later while in the VA system that a secretary asked me why I had never appealed my 0%. I started down the road of appeals, several. I say that I used my college education (BS, MAEd and grad school) to get where I’m at. Between VA compensation and SSD I earn about 150% of the average Indiana per capita salary.

So, my illness did not kill my earning potential. It just shifted the source. The Army was a dumb idea when my parents twisted my arm into it when I was younger but I guess I turned a bad experience into a good thing by pursuing disability with the VA. My kids will receive free college education. All student loans have been forgiven. My medical and dental care is free for life. I haven’t needed to work for nearly 10 years. It is great to do what I want, say what I want and have no boss. I have an MAEd but I never was able to be a teacher for a day. Without Bipolar I would be a medical doctor now. I’m not saying that would be a good life. But since I’ve done about 9 years of education after high school, if you add it all up, I have feeling of unworth about myself because I don’t have a career. Everybody talks about their career. I have none and I want to build a stone monument in my backyard say “In Memory of the Career I never had.” My parents pushed me into a field that I obviously was not meant for even though my knowledge of the sciences is great. Between my first and second years of medical school I got my first taste (just 2 months) of military service at a major base. I remember this female major with a very masculine voice and demeanor saying “We’re gonna work you hard in our Army hospitals.”. A doctor on base told me that for the first 3 years he worked 90 hours per week. I came back home crazy. I learned more from a student at my school who was a year in front of me. “You think it’s bad now, you wait till you go to an Army hospital” I can’t go into detail but I was messed up from then on. Around 10 years later I got involved in dental school, still trying to get my parents’ approval which I’ve never really received. I lacked the fine motor skills and my bipolar made it impossible. I then got into a nursing school but they canned me on the first day because of my political/religious associations. And they want me to believe that my grandfathers fought in Europe for my freedom. What freedom? This led to a suicide attempt and 2 week stay at a VA hospital. Then my wife (we’ve been married 12 years and have 2 kids) told me it was time to try a new strategy: disability. I have problems finding and keeping friends because my emotional intensity can be very high if I like something or I oppose it. I can’t buy whole life insurance because Indiana allows insurance dealers to reject anyone with psych history without questions. When I was in the Army I was turned down for a top secret clearance just for the reason that I admitted to seeing a psychiatrist on base and receiving anxiety medication. That’s one reason why I do not say the pledge or sing the anthem. And I never missed a day of work in the Army because of my problem. While I may have been inept and undertrained (actually I was put into a job that I had no training for instead of putting me into the job I had received advanced training for). I would still love to do that job to this day, being the head of the records section of a military hospital. But it will never come to pass. 24.4% of people in Indiana have a declared psych diagnosis. How many haven’t come for treatment? I like to joke that when we “psych diagnosed people” become the majority in this state (and we are growing as the country goes down the drain) that payback is gonna be a real bitch to the so-called “normal” people who treat us like N-words. Some people tell me I ought to get a PhD or get a Law Degree. I’m sure I could get myself into these schools. But for what purpose? The bottom line is that SS and the VA say that I am “permanently unemployable”. If my parents had a family business it would work out well for me. If I screamed at people now and then, no problem. But in today’s world of work if you screw up in any way, your butt is out the door. I’m kind of like Quasimodo in the “Hunchback of Notre Dame”. As long as I stay in the “church” (disability) I am safe and get everything I need in abundance. But when I got out in the real world, I’m in for a good beating by the “normal” people.

This world is so sick. The Military takes credit for my illness beginning on their dime. I tell people that I’m a disabled veteran and it gets me nowhere. All this public talk about “Support the troops”. Go to WalMart and buy your cheap yellow ribbon sticker. I’m sick of empty slogans. 1 out of 5 homeless people are veterans. That’s real respect for people who they claim “fought for our freedom” (another empty slogan). Remember, if my grandfathers had been fighting for my freedom in WWII, I would have been allowed to attend Nursing school. Nobody, nowhere, no how fought for my freedom and please don’t write back trying to argue with me on this point. It’s my opinion and it doesn’t affect or infringe on your opinion and life. Thanks. People ask me what I do for a living. I have to just tell them that I’m retired because the average person has no education in psych issues. If they think I’m young for being retired, well, let’s just say I made some good choices when I was younger. This is just camouflage. I am really upset at times that I don’t have this “career”. I worked my but off in school (#13 in high school graduation), had high enough grades in college to get into medical school and grad school (for my worthless MAEd) and later dental school. A shrink once told me he’d give me an A for intellect but a F for social skills. Come on … I said.

Can’t you give me a D. No, you get an F. I’m trying to avoid some of the rotten things my father did when I was growing up. I don’t drink, don’t smoke, unlike my father. I try to spend a lot of time with my kids especially outside during the warm parts of the year. I try to watch my anger with them. Maybe I, looking at my family tree, am the one who is ending the insanity of past generations. But still the lack of friends and the lack of a career will probably bother me as long as I live. I’ll probably outlive my “normal” class mates since my life is low in stress. Several years ago I went to my 20th high school reunion. A class mate of mine had finished the same medical school and gone thru residency. He looked about 10 years older than me and had lost most of his hair. I could tell by looking at his skin that he was an alcoholic. I told him that I was glad that he not I had become a doctor. My position in life besides his its financial perks has other advantages.I’m able to say and write whatever I please. I can even travel independently. I was in London in early May working on the campaign of my favorite party over there. What working stiff could afford that or have the time for it? So, in conclusion, my lfe is a mixed bag. The medications aren’t wonder drugs but they keep me stable around the house in normal situations. But when I get excited (I am a political animal) I’m like a top that was over wound. Any advice you guys and gals can give me on this career thing and finding friends would be much appreaciated. – Archived from

Hmmm…. I wonder what political party it was that he was working for over in Britain… I assure you we’ll have more about John King coming in the future.


On August 5, 2012, Wade Michael Page (who was living at Wade Page 726 Minnesota Ave, Apt 5 South Milwaukee, WI 53172-2142) opened fire on members of the congregation of the Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, Milwaukee.  Six were left dead, three were wounded, and a police officer responding to the scene was was shot multiple times before another officer shot and killed Page.

Wade Michael Page was an active member of the white power bands Definite Hate and End Apathy.  Both bands were associated with the Hammerskin Nation, a neo-nazi skinhead group known for organizing white power music festivals.  Page spent time filling in with well known white power bands like Max Resist and Blue Eyed Devils, and anti-fascist website One People’s Project has found pictures of Page wearing Hammerskin Nation patches that prove his affiliation.

The events of this day are a tragedy for the congregation, for the community, and for the families and loved ones of those shot.  However, we have seen this tragedy happen before.  White supremacists leave a trail of terror wherever they organize, targeting people of color, immigrants, LGBT people, and leftists.

In April, Minnesota white supremacists Joseph Thomas and Samuel Johnson (ex-National Socialist Movement) were arrested prior to planned attacks intended to coincide with May 1st, an international holiday for socialist and labor movements.  Thomas and Johnson were organizing an “Aryan Liberation Movement” that would use violent means to provoke a race war.  Both were spotted observing and documenting participants in pro-immigration rallies, and according to the affidavit planned to attack the Mexican embassy.

Earlier this year in May, former National Socialist Movement member and border vigilante J.T. Ready went on a shooting rampage that resulted in the death of his girlfriend, her daughter, granddaughter, and her daughter’s boyfriend.  Ready committed suicide after the massacre.  Ready had also been under investigation by the FBI for the murder of immigrants whose bodies had been found along the border of Arizona and Mexico.

Milwaukee has been on south side’s shit list for over a year now. During the NSM’s opportunistic attempts to rally in West Allis, WI after a so called “anti-white flash mob attack”, it became abundantly clear that Milwaukee had its share of white supremacists. It also became clear that its opposition was dominated almost entirely by liberals who were literally hushing those they believed to be chanting too loud,  proving not only their authoritarian and dictatorial character, but also their unwillingness to challenge the fascists in any serious way.

People have tried to vilify militant anti-fascist activity for years, whether it’s for being too “violent” or simply not important, but events like this only show that direct confrontation against the fascists and white supremacists is absolutely necessary. We hope that, because of this tragedy and others alike, militant anti-fascism will start to emerge in Milwaukee and other places where antifas appear to be less prevalent. No sympathy for the fascists!

Taken from One Peoples Project:

OAK CREEK, WI–The shooter in the shooting at a Sikh Temple in suburban Milwaukee that killed six people before police gunned him down has been identified as Wade Michael Page, a member of the Hammerskin Nation HSN, the oldest and most violent neo-Nazi bonehead organization in the United States.

According to the Anti-Defamation League website, Hammerskin Nation was formed in Dallas, Texas in the late 80s, adopting the crossed hammers – the symbol used by the fascists in Pink Floyd’s the Wall as their organization’s logo. At its peak, HSN was able to boast dozens of chapters across the United States and worldwide. They are best known for holding concerts around the country known as Hammerfest, but also for the murders and other violent acts that have been committed by HSN members over the past 20 years. As of late the organization has lost the strength it once had, and other organizations like Volksfront and the Vinlander Social Club – an organization founded from the remnants of the Outlaw Hammerskins, which were former Hammerskin members that were ousted – came into being.

At the time of his death, Page, 40, was a member of the CHS band Definite Hate, a longtime HSN band that has several Hammerskin-themed albums, including “Hammerfest 2009”, and “Murder City Hammerfest 2010” and “Tribute to Hammer Joe”, which was dedicated to the late Nordic Thunder singer Joe Rowan, who was killed in 1993 in a Green Bay, Wisconsin convenience store after a white power concert. Definite Hate played Hammerfest 2011 in Tampa, Florida.

In 2005, Page, along with two members of Definite Hate started another band. End Apathy. According to their MySpace profile, End Apathy was based in Nashville, TN and North Carolina, and have several recordings released via the white power distribution company Label 56. In an interview on the Label 56 website, Page noted that after he left his native Colorado in 2000, he had been in other bands prior to End Apathy. “I had the opportunity to play bass with Youngland for 2 years back in 2001 – 2003 and during that time I filled in for various bands on guitar and bass including Celtic Warrior, Radikahl, Max Resist, Intimidation One, Aggressive Force, Blue Eyed Devils,” he said. All these bands have been associated with HSN.

Headed by Clemie Richard Haught, Label 56 is the music outlet for a violent neo-Nazi gang called Maryland State “Skinheads” (MDS). MDS head Jason Tankersley, while more involved with their Mixed Martial Arts arm has some organizational input over Label 56 as well. Label 56 has released a statement on its front page, which claims they’ve removed all of End Apathy’s material from their store and to “not take what Wade did as honorable or respectable and please do not think we are all like that.” Label 56 still promotes Youngland, however.

The rest of Label 56’s catalog of music that glorifies Nazi concentration camps (“Arbeit- Zum Einen Neuen Licht”), dead neo Nazis (“Joe Rowan memorial concert” and a Skrewdriver tribute CD and metal from well known European neo-Nazis (Lord Wind, Landser, Nokturnal Mortum) is still there.

Label 56 is also promoting on their Facebook page the “European American Heritage Celebration” to be held in Moosic, PA this Saturday. That event is organized by Steve Smith, the former member of Keystone State “Skinheads” who last month became a Republican Committeman for his ward in Pittston, PA.

In addition to Label 56, Tankersley ran Absolute Combat Sports, a Mixed-Martial Arts training outfit from Exile Fitness Center in Rosedale, MD. Absolute stopped operating at Exile sometime this year.


We realize that the original communique for the Tinley Park incident and the hacking of Beckies email contains a lot of this information, but we at south side wanted to do our own post compiling all of her details in to one condensed article.

Beckie Williams (“SGAITHAICH”, “scottylass”) is a 42 year old white supremacist from Rock Island, IL. She is most known for being the lead organizer of the failed “May Meet” that took place at the Ashford House restaurant in Tinley Park, IL on May 19th 2012. The event, Beckie’s first and possibly last, was organized through stormfront(SF) and was said to have been open to all white nationalists(WN), although the group later identified themselves as the “European Heritage Association”. The event, originally only meant to be a meet and greet, eventually became a place to discuss economics as well, when it joined with Shawn Thomas Vachets (Kayden)”5th annual white nationalist economic summit”.

Beckie is on the board of trustees for Family Assistance for White Nationalists(FAWN), allegedly a member of Council of Conservative Citizens(CCC) and in May of 2011, she took control of the “Illinois Whites” SF group from “Asgard14”. Beckie is of Scottish ancestry and works at a construction company called Williams and Family with Francis John Gilroy Jr, who was arrested at the event for possessing a weapon (see bid schedule here and here). In the cyber attack on Beckie Williams, we learn that she has intimate relationships with several white supremacists across the globe, including event attendees Michael Gull and possibly Steven Eugene Speers. The latter was also arrested at the event on pedophile charges and multiple warrants.

On June 1st, shortly after the scuffle in Tinley, Williams claimed that she was leaving the WN activist scene, saying; “Because of the relentless harassment by the ARA TERRORISTS, my already tenuous health is being impacted in a extremely sever way. My only recourse is is to step away from activism for the sake of my continued survival.” Whether this is true or not we do not know, but it wouldn’t be the first time, and antifascists will surely continue to monitor her and every other racist piece of trash who made the unwise decision to attend this event.

Beckie Williams
1220 51st Ave. Apt 202
Rock Island, IL  61201-6886
State ID# 4525-9670-616W 
Birthday: January 16, 1970
Stormfront user: SGAITHAICH
Other names: scottylass


An email sent to us from the account of Beckie Williams(1220 51ST Ave Apt. 202 Rock Island, IL 61201-6886) shows that her email and stormfront were hacked into by antifascist hackers. The email contains not only Beckie and her associates addresses and phone numbers but tons of juicy private conversations. It seems that Beckie is suffering from PTSD and is romantically involved with many different neo-nazi men and possibly one women. We may also know who is responsible for the pathetic and short lived attack on our blog.

Thanks to the folks who helped out on this one and thanks again to River City ARA as well for the flyer drop. it appears that “Thomas Stuart” is quite shaken up over these incidents.

Here is  A Portion of the Text Taken From pastebin:


Much like Beckies poor security at the recent Ashford house attacks, Beckie
also has poor internet security. Several hours ago we managed, and with
much ease, to break in to her email, stormfront and Skype accounts.

Posted below is Beckie’s personal info including her home address and
phone number. This release also includes tons of info on multiple attendees
of the white nationalist Economic summit, info on other WN associates of
Beckie, and plenty of embarrassing private conversations. One conversation
included in this release features Brandon Spiller walking people on Stormfront
through a step-by-step process on how to Ddos a website, in preparation to

When will they learn that we are just too skilled for them? Try to play our
game and you will get burned. That goes for you “Brens”(, better quit while you have the chance.

 Against Racism and Fascism! Free the Tinley Park 5!


Beckie Williams(lead organizer) “SGAITHAICH”, “scottylass”
1220 51ST AVE APT 202
ROCK ISLAND, IL 61201-6886
Birthday: January 16, 1970
State ID# 4525-9670-616W
Board of trustees for Family Assistance for White NAtionalists(FAWN)
May of 2011 took control of “Illinois Whites” SF group from Asgard14
Part 1.) White Nationalist Economic Summit Attendees including ones who did not make it:
Beckie Williamss(lead organizer) “SGAITHAICH”, “scottylass”
1220 51ST AVE APT 202
ROCK ISLAND, IL 61201-6886
Birthday: January 16, 1970
State ID# 4525-9670-616W
Board of trustees for Family Assistance for White NAtionalists(FAWN)

Jeffrey Stuart Burns “Thomas Stuart”
141 Conley ave
Wood River, IL 62095
Date of Birth: 2/3/1960
Wife: Lisa Burns
He is a supervisor/manager in the “private contract security industry”.
Council of Conservative Citizens(CCC)
American 3rd Position
Supporter status for National Socialist (nazi) Movement and Ku Klux Klan Knights Party

Brandon Spiller “DarkSarrow”
Rochester, WI
Received 8 staples
262 220 4368

Michael Gull “Dresden”>
15 S Kresson St
Baltimore, MD 21224-1713
443 934 4355
Has a romantic relationship with Beckie. But who doesn’t?
“A BJ at least, that would have helped though, with the stress and all”,   “Well your head WAS in the general area and I started to get wood”

Shawn “Kayden” AKA “rune kast”
134 Church ave
Steen, MN 56173
May have moved to Sioux Falls, SD
734 934 9900
Board of trustees for FAWN


Steven Eugene Speers

Michael rudolph

Phyllis Noel
Beckie Williams has questioned Michael Gull at least once about his connection with Phyllis (Jael).

“wendel fettig”

Francis John Gilroy Jr.
Father Francis “Copperhead”

Spencer McCormick

Steve Dalton
S. Dalton” <

Part 2.) Other White Nationalist Associates of Beckie:
Thomas Buhls (Indiana organizer)
396 Country View Court, Apt. 13
Martinsville, IN  46151

Germaner & Bjarka (Siw Ganre)
220 Abogen
+479 524 4398
Note: Beckie and Bjarka seem to possibly have a bi-sexual relationship
“I wish you were close enough for me to hold your hand.”

Larkin “Redwolf”
Jackie L Lewis “youdecide88”
10479 Penny Ln
Blue Ridge, TX 75424-2331
972 752 5726

Erich “cheese and whine”
423 333 8079
White Nationalist landlord

Associated with the Crescenta Valley European American Society
949 422 4977
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From the Anonymous Antifa Terror Squad:

“The objects of this order shall be primarily to unite all white persons, native born Gentile citizens of the United States of America, who own no allegiance of any nature or degree to any foreign government, nation, institution, sect, ruler person or people; whose morals are good; whose reputations and vocations are respectable; whose habits are exemplary; who are of sound minds and eighteen years or more of age, under a common oath into a brotherhood of strict regulations; to cultivate and promote patriotism toward our civil government; to practice an honorable clannishness toward each other; to exemplify a practical benevolence; to shield the sanctity of the home and the chastity of womanhood; to maintain forever white supremacy; to teach and faithfully inculcate a high spiritual philosophy through an exalted ritualism, and by a practical devotion to conserver, protect and maintain the distinctive institutions, rights privileges, principles traditions and ideals of a pure Americanism.”

UNSK Constitution


Duties of the exalted cyclops

General instructions hand signs, salute etc.

Rank System UNSK


Emperor: Phil Lawson

Imperial Wizard: Cole

Imperial Klaliff: Ron Knight

Imperial Klazik: Billy Edwin

Imperial Klokard: Derek Stuart

Imperial Kludd: Kevin James

Imperial Kligrapp: J.B. Books

Imperial Klabee: Frank L. White

Imperial Kleagle: Jim Noble

Imperial Kladd: Bill Ford

Imperial Knight Hawk: Paul Coleman

Imperial Klarogo: Wilbur White

Imperial Klokan: Mike Anderson

Imperial Klokan: Jim Orion

Imperial Klokan: Joe Hammonds

Imperial Klokan: James Colt

European Supreme Grand Dragon:
Didi White

L.O.T.I.E. Imperial Komander:
Cleve Thornton

L.O.T.I.E. Imperial Kludd: Sister

L.O.T.I.E. Imperial Kligrapp: Martha

National Office:

PO Box 26506

Fraser, MI 48026

National Office South:

P.O. Box 246

Englewood, FL 34295

Central Office

P.O. Box 30005

Chgo, IL. 60630

Members Addresses


Jacob William Sirosky
DOB: 05/29/1991
Address: 302 south main Kennard, Indiana 47351
Home phone: 1-765-785-6539
Cell Phone: 1-765-520-1967

12555 E. Kyle Avenue, Rosedale, IN 47874
Phone: 765.828.0807
yankee (
Job: knightstown indiana 12 east main street also called u.s.40 restraunt is called knightstown cafe come by

Harley Halloway  Hammond Indiana


Grand nighthawk(security guy)- Donald Cook
(614) 519-3482 –
cell (614) 293-8500 –
work (614) 935-8902 –

GF Kelly (Ohiowhitepride8314)
2527 Kreber Ave Columbus, Ohio 43204

Brian Hoostal
1028 Buena Vista Ave NE Warren, Ohio 44483
330 646

Edward Schambs
4799 Centerville Green Camp Rd Prospect Ohio 43342

Brandon Wesley springer
615 state st. van wert , Ohio 45891
The address to Whooly JOes 1182 East Powell Road Lewis Center, OH 43035-8618 (614) 430-9441

Since you all have my address and I’m located in Central Ohio my residence is suitable for the muster point in case of a MAJOR emergency. Everyone should always have a “go bag” filled with essentials and ready to roll out on a moments notice. If my residence is compromised (for whatever reason) I will tie a bright red shirt around my mailbox. This will be visible from over a quarter mile away on my road. You will then proceed to the White Swan Resturaunt parking lot located at: 5969 Marion Marysville Rd Prospect, OH 43342 From there await further instructions.

Florida UNSKKK:

Wayne Kerschner
11542 SE 58th Ave. Hampton, FL 32044
352-672-7139 …… [email]

DJ Playle
1190 N. Quincy Ave. Ogden, Ut. 84404

North Carolina UNSKKK:

Ron Beaver
918 Oregon Street Kannapolis, NC 28083-7400
Cell: (704) 791-9456.

Wilbur Stilley (Grand Kludd)
1994 Terry Street Conover, NC 28613
(828) 855-0755

Nick Minton
1018 Cunningham Drive Kinston, NC 28501
(252) 523-5282 (Cell)

Eddie Loflin
245 Regina Drive, Thomasville, NC 27360-9013
(336) 472-8530 (Home)
(336) 906-7048 (Cell)

Tim Bartlett
52 Burma Road, East, Marion, NC 28752
(828) 413-9861 (Home)

Georgia UNSKKK:

Jim Farmer
923 Suth Pond Street Toccoa, Ga. 30577
(706) 680 – 9078

Eddie Snelgrove
1530 Williams Rd. Rentz, GA 31075


David (Kenny) Grainger (UNO),
1163 Bluebird Road, Loris, SC 29569
(843) 756-6556

Edward Talone (UNO),
103 Marsh Creek Drive, Anderson, SC 29626
(864) 209-8924

Robert Stempel (UNO),
146 Cooper Pond Road, Salley, SC 29137
(803) 258-3040

Rocco “Rocky” Carbone
16104 Brookside Way, Summersville, SC 29483
(843) 696-4583

Hubert “Gene” Thompkins
5547 Highway 668 Conway, SC 29526
(843) 995-0363

Thomas R. “Rusty” Grainger
214 Park Avenue, Conway, SC 29526
(843) 455-5859

Minneapolis UNSKKK:

Kelly Peterson
3514 Pierce St. minneapolis, MN 55418
(612) 807 – 2775

Tennessee UNSKKK:

William Warrick
1002 Railroad st. Greenbrier, TN. 37073

Billy Ash (
1002 Railroad street greenbrier TN

Bryan Christian
457 Stoneman Road Mcminnville TN, 37110

Millard Kizer III
409 Pole Hill rd. Goodlettsville TN. 37072

Hawaii UNSKKK:

2704 Hoonani Rd. Apt.# 1 Koloa, Hawaii 96756


Neil Bellanca
Age – 22 years
312 West Packer Avenue Bethlehem, PA 18015

Kentucky UNSKKK:

Joe and Dale Yearms,
4617 Hopewell Rd. Louisville,Ky.40299.

Blake Huff
951 Hawesville Ky. 42348.

Colorado UNSKKK:

2058 Sumac St. Longmont, CO. 80501


Jamie Anderson
12610 Jupiter Rd. Apt 1203 Dallas, Texas 75238

Canada UNSKKK: That is my full name and also available on Facebook. My phone number is 905-359-3624. My address is 5624 Temperance ave. Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

653 E D street Ontario Ca 91764


Robert (Bob) Kukla
Illinois Knighthawk  of the KKK
5751 w. Waveland Chicago, Il. 60634
(773) 577 – 3898

Bo “BOreguard”
KKK IL Contact (773) 791-7997  513-275-2467
>> Bo’s phone number is registered to 5047 N Sheridan Rd #d, Chicago, IL, US(

Brian Lang ‘bri33’
KKK   1418 s Clarence Ave Berwyn, Il. 60402
Age 70(?)

KKK  429 Liberty Rd. Whiteville, Fairview Heights, IL 62208
cell: 618-616-1483
Education and Work * Southwestern Illinois College
Belleville East High School ”04


Aside from the hospitalization and injuries many white supremacists suffered at the recent Ashford House attack, that led the “White Nationalist Economic Summit”(the first and possibly last white supremacist event for lead organizer Beckie Williams) to end almost as soon as it began, other severe consequences have followed. An event attendee, fugitive, and pedophile Steve Eugene Speers was arrested today along with fellow white supremacist Francis John Gilroy Jr. of Lighthouse Point; a convicted felon who apparently had a gun on him. Event attendee Brandon Spiller himself also admitted to having an illegal weapon in his car in a comment on an on-line news article.

We thank whoever the antifascists are that laid these down these attacks. We see this as an effective blow against white supremacist organizing in this state and elsewhere. Taken From Arch City ARA:

It has recently come to our attention that some of the fascists smashed at the recent Tinley Park action were arrested and are being held by Tinley Park and Cook County police.

White nationalist Steven Eugene Speers was arrested afterwards on a warrant for child pornography from Texas. In addition to his Texas charges, he was arrested in 2010 for failure to pay child support, battery, felony domestic battery by strangulation, and burglary with assault or battery in Bay County, Florida. Other past charges in Florida include conspiring to purchase a controlled substance with intent and possession of a controlled substance, criminal mischief, and trespassing (possibly in connection with the domestic battery charge).

Steven currently lives in Grand Forks, ND, but has lived in Garland, TX, Chipley and Defuniak Springs, FL, and Shelton, WA. Steven Eugene Speers was transferred almost immediately to the Cook County Sherrif’s Fugitive Division, and will probably be behind bars for quite awhile.

Francis John Gilroy Jr. of Lighthouse Point and West Palm Beach, FL was also picked up for unlawful possession of a weapon by a felon. He was described by police and arrest records as a transient, and he may live with his 80-year-old parents, Francis John Sr. and Joyce Gilroy at their home in Jupiter, Florida.

More info on Gilroy to come. It is unclear yet but probable that Speers and Gilroy may have associated prior to the White Nationalist Economic Summit in Tinley Park, given their shared views and ties to the state of Florida.

Outcomes like this are important for actualizing our goals and stances as antifascists (and clearly follows along ARA’s Points of Unity) because it makes the connections between those things we oppose ever more clear. National Socialism, fascism, and white supremacy have had always had very definite ties to instances of spousal and child abuse, sexual assault, and other acts of violence against oppressed groups outside of the realm of racism.

Take, for example, the proof that California NSM leader Jeff Hall had abused and neglected his wife and children in the years leading up to the night his murder, at the hands of his 10-year-old son. Mike Schloer’s ex-wife Jennifer recently came out with startling evidence of sexual and emotional abuse at the hands of her neo-Nazi husband, and in November of 2010, Steve Turpel of INSF was outed as a known pedophile, who kidnapped a teenage girl, and produced child pornography.

The correlations between these instances of abuse and assault are not isolated, and span the entirety of hate groups like those that met on May 19th at the Ashford House Restaurant. We will not stop exposing neo-Nazis, fascists, and white supremacists (and, consequently, abusive partners and parents, pedophiles, child molesters, and perpetrators of sexual assault), ever; we intend to win!


An update 6/01/12 from Beckie Williams via stormfront: “Because of the relentless harassment by the ARA TERRORISTS, my already tenuous health is being impacted in a extremely sever way. My only recourse is is to step away from activism for the sake of my continued survival.”

According to internet sources, antifascists, numbering near 30, entered the Ashford House restaurant around noon on May 19th where the “5th annual white nationalist economic summit” meeting was being held. The antifascists were allegedly throwing bats, hammers and chairs, leaving multiple white supremacists hospitalized and successfully bringing the meeting to a brutal end.

Taken From

In response to Mob Attacked Specific Group of People Inside Tinley Park Restaurant

On Saturday, May 19th a group of 30 anti-fascists descended upon Ashford House restaurant in the Chicago suburb of Tinley Park where the 5th annual White Nationalist Economic Summit and Illinois White Nationalist Meet-and-Greet was taking place. The White Nationalists were targeted inside the restaurant and physically attacked, causing several injuries and completely shutting down their meeting. The anti-fascist group was privy to anonymous inside information. This fascist event had been in secret planning for six months. The attendees have attempted to cover up the true intent of the event with mainstream media reports initially reporting the white nationalist conference as a wedding party and then as an Irish heritage meeting. The event was advertised on, an established white nationalist fascist internet forum.

Anti-fascists oppose any organizing by racists and fascist in their communities. Fascist and white nationalist organizing has resulted in a number of horrifying incidents, from the recent J.T. Ready shootings in Arizona to the Benjamin Nathaniel Smith shooting in the West Rogers Park neighborhood in Chicago, as just two examples.

These anti-fascists are committed to shutting down and attacking any racist, nationalist, or fascist organizers or individuals that they encounter

This white nationalist event was organized and attended by:

Beckie Williams

AKA “scottylass”
Stormfront handle: SGATHAICH
Phone: 309-749-5164
Council of Conservative Citizens(CCC)

Jeffrey Stuart Burns

AKA Thomas Stuart
141 Conley ave
Wood River, IL 62095
Date of Birth: 2/3/1960
Wife: Lisa Burns
He is a supervisor/manager in the “private contract security industry”.
Council of Conservative Citizens(CCC)
American 3rd Position
Supporter status for National Socialist (nazi) Movement and Ku Klux Klan Knights Party

Brandon Spiller

Stormfront Handle: DarkSarrow
Age: 29
Posted on Patch News Article receiving a head wound requiring 8 staples.

Shawn “Kayden”
Responsible for the “economic summit” portion of the event
Members of the Illinois Chapter of the National Socialist (nazi) Movement.