Without actually being in a chapter there are still several great ways in which you can support Torch. You can attend one or many of our public events, distribute our literature, donate to our legal defense funds, and one of our favorite ways you can support Torch is by sending valuable intelligence. Send us any information, especially non-public, on white supremacist individuals and organizations in your area.

Send us intel! Torch actively monitors white supremacist individuals and organizations. So if you know where a fascist, lives, works, or organizes: Contact us!

Donate to our legal defense funds! Members and comrades of Anti-Racist Action are sometimes found victim of state harassment such as arrests that often results in hefty legal fees. To help support  our legal defense, you can donate to our “war chest” via PayPal.

Spread the word! A great way of showing support for Torch is by printing and distributing flyers,  merchandise, zines and other antifascist material to the community.