Infest 3 – A Nazi Fest? Useless Christ Records, The Atlantic City Skins and Martin Jason Schacteer


A few weeks from now, April 10-12, Philly will host Infest 3 at the Voltage Lounge. The stage won’t be populated by Nazi boneheads preaching racism or xenophobia. In fact, none of the bands on the bill (that we know of) have any shady political affiliations.

However, once again the involvement of Martin Jason Schacteer aka “Shlak,” has people considering whether attending this fest will be throwing tacit support behind repeated attempts to push metal, punk, goth and electronic music towards a right wing and anti-equality position by first pushing it towards an apathetic position regarding the presence of Neo-Nazis and their supporters in those scenes.

Shlak has been an associate of the “Atlantic City “Skinheads” for over 10 years. His old band, Call the Paramedics, played a benefit for ACS member Christopher Arlan at Le Grande Fromage in 2008 alongside The Hard Way and Vicious Circle, all Neo-Nazi bands with ACS members or associates playing in them.


The Atlantic City “Skinheads” – Shlak is wearing a green hoodie and pointing at Chris Arlan, who has the Skrewdriver shirt on
The Atlantic City “Skinheads” – Shlak is wearing a green hoodie and pointing at Chris Arlan, who has the Skrewdriver shirt on

Arlan has Chrohn’s disease (hence the benefit show), but before you feel too sorry for him here are some choice quotes from his time posting on Stormfront, the world’s largest Neo-Nazi message board.






Yea hurry up and die
Yea hurry up and die

Shlak supporters like to minimize the event and say that he is no longer associated with ACS. The benefit was in 2008. That is not ancient history. Antifascists first reported on this when it happened and repeatedly throughout the years, and Shlak has never apologized or denounced ACS. He continues to associate with them, socialize with them, and welcome them at his shows.

In addition to Shlak’s nazi ties, Call the Paramedics was also known for their incredibly misogynist lyrics and song titles, including “It’s not Rape It’s Surprise Sex,” which they also made into a hoodie and sold online.


And for those who just need to see this sort of thing to be sure, here’s Shlak with ACS member Cody Hoebel.

He looks really happy to be doing that.
He looks really happy to be doing that.

After the controversy involving Call the Paramedics a few years back led to several shows being cancelled, the band broke up. Shlak now plays in a band called Eat the Turnbuckle who was recently touring Europe. Two other members of Call the Paramedics formed a band called Hammer Fight.

Shlak runs a record label called Uselessdrunk Productions, which has partnered with Worthless Christ Productions, to put on Infest.

The festival is being sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon and Burning Angel. We would like to encourage our readers to contact them and let them know that they are giving money to a Neo-Nazi playing ironic who has infiltrated the Philly metal scene and is opening that scene to Nazi like Chris Arlan, Warren Mieckle and Cody Hoebel. He would also welcome ACS scum like Chris Ising and Walter Dille if they both weren’t currently locked up for Hate Crimes and Murder, respectively.

Pabst can be contacted a variety of ways to give a complaint. Don’t forget about the social media links on the bottom of the page :). They can sweep a phone call under the rug, but a twitter or facebook post will be seen by others.

Burning Angel’s founder, Joanna Angel, can be contacted here. They also have a twitter.

If you are a fan of any of the bands playing Infest 3, please contact them to let them know you oppose them having any association with Shlak or any other venue or promoter that would welcome ACS or other Neo-Nazis at their events.


-DISGORGE (cali)




-HEMDALE (ohio)






-EVIL ARMY (tenn)

-CASTRATOR (parts unknown)








-GROUND (nj)



-JENKEM (pa)


-CRACK HOUSE (abandos everywhere)



The danger of having people like Shlak and the rest of ACS existing within the Philly scene, especially in positions of influence, is significant. Shlak’s association with Voltage in the past has already gained it a reputation as a place where Nazis can be welcomed by management and protected by security.  When The Blood played Philly a couple years ago at Voltage, ACS members Warren Mieckle and Cody Hoebel were there with several Hammerskins.  Management refused to let Antifascists kick them out.

Hoebel attacked a punk for wearing a “Nazi Punks Fuck Off” patch (after calling them a “faggot”) at a show more recently and was finally kicked out. Rumor is he got jumped down the street. The show that this happened at was at a bar owned by a member of Shlak’s band Eat the Turnbuckle.

Critics of Antifa love to accuse us of trying to spread division in the Philly alternative music scene and causing violence.  But how can we have unity with people like Hoebel and Arlan when they clearly want nothing but division and violence? The only way to have a united scene is for that scene to be 100% against racism, fascism, sexism and homophobia. That means getting off the fence and demanding that of others.

Some of our friends might argue that there is no such thing as a united scene and that “the real Philly scene” doesn’t have a Nazi problem.  In a sense that is true and a thing to be proud of.  However, if we don’t expose people like Shlak and ACS then new kids coming in won’t know the difference between “the real” scene and the scene populated with Nazis, fence walkers and profiteers and they may never learn it.

Spread the word. Don’t go to Infest 3. Don’t go to voltage lounge. If they don’t drop their sponsorship of Infest, don’t drink Pabst’s or masturbate to Burning Angel.

No compromise with Nazis or their best buddies.

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