5th Annual Network Conference (2018)

2018 Torch Antifascist Network Conference
Hosted by Antifa Seven Hills
September 1st & 2nd
Richmond, Virginia

This Labor Day Weekend, the 5th Annual Torch Antifascist Network Conference will bring together antifascists and radicals from across the continent to share experiences, refine strategies, and
critically analyze ongoing liberation struggles we are engaged with. The conference will be a space of encounter and reflection as we continue to build sites of resistance, structures of counterpower, and networks of solidarity across the United Snakes of Amerikkka and the world.

Saturday, September 1st will be a private day, for Torch Network Chapters and vetted potential members to convene and discuss intricacies around membership, specific campaigns, and internal processes of chapters and the network itself. Brunch & Supper will be provided, followed by evening fellowship and play.

Crews interested in joining Torch Network should contact the chapter(s) closest in geography and affinity as soon as possible.

Sunday, September 2nd will be the public portion of the conference, including with a tour along the Richmond Slave Trail to the African Ancestral Burial Ground and commemoration of the 218th anniversary of Gabriel’s Rebellion. The day will continue with various workshops, speakers, and panels on ranging topics related to anti-fascism/anti-racism, liberation work, and community organizing.
Lunch will be provided, along with evening entertainment & fellowship.

Are you interested in hosting a workshop/panel?
Sign up here

Updates can be found here, antifasevenhills.noblogs.org, and via social media: @ash_antifa @TorchAntifa