Infest 3 – A Nazi Fest? Useless Christ Records, The Atlantic City Skins and Martin Jason Schacteer


A few weeks from now, April 10-12, Philly will host Infest 3 at the Voltage Lounge. The stage won’t be populated by Nazi boneheads preaching racism or xenophobia. In fact, none of the bands on the bill (that we know of) have any shady political affiliations.

However, once again the involvement of Martin Jason Schacteer aka “Shlak,” has people considering whether attending this fest will be throwing tacit support behind repeated attempts to push metal, punk, goth and electronic music towards a right wing and anti-equality position by first pushing it towards an apathetic position regarding the presence of Neo-Nazis and their supporters in those scenes.

Shlak has been an associate of the “Atlantic City “Skinheads” for over 10 years. His old band, Call the Paramedics, played a benefit for ACS member Christopher Arlan at Le Grande Fromage in 2008 alongside The Hard Way and Vicious Circle, all Neo-Nazi bands with ACS members or associates playing in them.


The Atlantic City “Skinheads” – Shlak is wearing a green hoodie and pointing at Chris Arlan, who has the Skrewdriver shirt on

The Atlantic City “Skinheads” – Shlak is wearing a green hoodie and pointing at Chris Arlan, who has the Skrewdriver shirt on

Arlan has Chrohn’s disease (hence the benefit show), but before you feel too sorry for him here are some choice quotes from his time posting on Stormfront, the world’s largest Neo-Nazi message board.






Yea hurry up and die

Yea hurry up and die

Shlak supporters like to minimize the event and say that he is no longer associated with ACS. The benefit was in 2008. That is not ancient history. Antifascists first reported on this when it happened and repeatedly throughout the years, and Shlak has never apologized or denounced ACS. He continues to associate with them, socialize with them, and welcome them at his shows.

In addition to Shlak’s nazi ties, Call the Paramedics was also known for their incredibly misogynist lyrics and song titles, including “It’s not Rape It’s Surprise Sex,” which they also made into a hoodie and sold online.


And for those who just need to see this sort of thing to be sure, here’s Shlak with ACS member Cody Hoebel.

He looks really happy to be doing that.

He looks really happy to be doing that.

After the controversy involving Call the Paramedics a few years back led to several shows being cancelled, the band broke up. Shlak now plays in a band called Eat the Turnbuckle who was recently touring Europe. Two other members of Call the Paramedics formed a band called Hammer Fight.

Shlak runs a record label called Uselessdrunk Productions, which has partnered with Worthless Christ Productions, to put on Infest.

The festival is being sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon and Burning Angel. We would like to encourage our readers to contact them and let them know that they are giving money to a Neo-Nazi playing ironic who has infiltrated the Philly metal scene and is opening that scene to Nazi like Chris Arlan, Warren Mieckle and Cody Hoebel. He would also welcome ACS scum like Chris Ising and Walter Dille if they both weren’t currently locked up for Hate Crimes and Murder, respectively.

Pabst can be contacted a variety of ways to give a complaint. Don’t forget about the social media links on the bottom of the page :). They can sweep a phone call under the rug, but a twitter or facebook post will be seen by others.

Burning Angel’s founder, Joanna Angel, can be contacted here. They also have a twitter.

If you are a fan of any of the bands playing Infest 3, please contact them to let them know you oppose them having any association with Shlak or any other venue or promoter that would welcome ACS or other Neo-Nazis at their events.


-DISGORGE (cali)




-HEMDALE (ohio)






-EVIL ARMY (tenn)

-CASTRATOR (parts unknown)








-GROUND (nj)



-JENKEM (pa)


-CRACK HOUSE (abandos everywhere)



The danger of having people like Shlak and the rest of ACS existing within the Philly scene, especially in positions of influence, is significant. Shlak’s association with Voltage in the past has already gained it a reputation as a place where Nazis can be welcomed by management and protected by security.  When The Blood played Philly a couple years ago at Voltage, ACS members Warren Mieckle and Cody Hoebel were there with several Hammerskins.  Management refused to let Antifascists kick them out.

Hoebel attacked a punk for wearing a “Nazi Punks Fuck Off” patch (after calling them a “faggot”) at a show more recently and was finally kicked out. Rumor is he got jumped down the street. The show that this happened at was at a bar owned by a member of Shlak’s band Eat the Turnbuckle.

Critics of Antifa love to accuse us of trying to spread division in the Philly alternative music scene and causing violence.  But how can we have unity with people like Hoebel and Arlan when they clearly want nothing but division and violence? The only way to have a united scene is for that scene to be 100% against racism, fascism, sexism and homophobia. That means getting off the fence and demanding that of others.

Some of our friends might argue that there is no such thing as a united scene and that “the real Philly scene” doesn’t have a Nazi problem.  In a sense that is true and a thing to be proud of.  However, if we don’t expose people like Shlak and ACS then new kids coming in won’t know the difference between “the real” scene and the scene populated with Nazis, fence walkers and profiteers and they may never learn it.

Spread the word. Don’t go to Infest 3. Don’t go to voltage lounge. If they don’t drop their sponsorship of Infest, don’t drink Pabst’s or masturbate to Burning Angel.

No compromise with Nazis or their best buddies.

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Neo-Nazi Steven Wiegand of Micetrap Distribution Exposed


Steven Wiegand, the single most prolific distributor of Neo-Nazi music, clothing and literature in U.S. history

Steven Wiegand is a Neo-Nazi, apparently. According to a source who went to school with him, Wiegand grew up in nearby Pennsauken, NJ.  He has run a Neo-Nazi music label and distro called Micetrap Distributions, LLC. since 1994. Micetrap distributes a huge catalog of Neo-Nazi music, clothing and literature

Some of the literature being sold on Micetrap, including writings by murderer and terrorist David Lane.

Some of the literature being sold on Micetrap, including writings by murderer and terrorist David Lane.

Some of the musical releases Wiegand has been selling for the past 20+ years include:

“Too White For You” and “Racially Motivated Violence” by Angry Aryans
“Freezer Full Of Nigger Heads” by Grinded Nig
“The White Race Will Prevail” by Race War
“Keep The Hate Alive” by Racist Redneck Rebels
“Bulldozer of Semitic Destruction” by Warbutcher
and, who could forget the classic “Der Ewige Jude” by Volkszorn
The entire Skrewdriver discography

Steve Wiegand makes his living selling this shit to teenagers.

Steve Wiegand makes his living selling this shit to teenagers.

The label has always been registered to a P.O. Box in Maple Shade, NJ, right over the Ben Franklin Bridge from Philly.  Recently, Wiegand booked a show by Atlantic City “Skinheads” band Aggravated Assualt at an Outlaws Biker clubhouse in North Philly.   Eventually, the show drew so much negative attention that it was cancelled. So Wiegand is a Nazi and should be treated like one if encountered. Simple enough.

However, after a little research Wiegand’s history is anything but simple.

Wiegand has been hanging around the Atlantic City “Skinheads” since he first became a bonehead, and retains close ties with the group and it’s leader Warren Mieckle, but it is still unclear if he has ever been a member. Wiegand’s first known WP crew affiliation was with a group known as the White Victory Skins (WVS), a short-live South Jersey bonehead crew. According to several sources formerly and currently imbedded in the WN movement,  Wiegand turned state’s evidence and provided video to the Pemberton, NJ Borough court showing WVS’ leader, Dennis Lurty, JR. possessing a gun as a convicted felon. As a result, for the past 15 years very few people in the “White Nationalist” movement have wanted anything to do with Wiegand.  Since that incident, Weigand has also drawn heat from certain sectors of the WP/WN scene for printing and selling designs that he didn’t create on t-shirts: several belonging to WP band The Blue Eyed Devils and a “S.H.A.R.P. Shooter” T-shirt originally designed by the Keystone State “Skinheads.” S.H.A.R.P. stands for “Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice,” a.k.a. known as real skinheads.

Wiegand is also involved in performing on, producing and printing Neo-Nazi records.  His website advertises for Racist and Nazi bands to contact him or mail him demos.  He offers to distribute their work “to every interested record label and zine in the world.”

…(Wiegand) joined the National Alliance in January, 2000, but by the end of the year, a message from Billy Roper listed Micetrap Distribution and Steve Wiegland as “enemies” of National Alliance. This may stem from the accusation that Micetrap sent a computer virus to NA headquarters.” (Rogue’s Gallery Entry).

In 2004 Wiegand was fired from his job managing a gas station in Marlton, NJ after 2 newspapers wrote articles about him moving Micetrap to Maple Shade. Wiegand sued the company and in court documents claimed to not be a a Neo-Nazi, but that he found the racist, sexist, homophobic and pro-nazi material to be “funny.”  Though Wiegand was forced to admit on the stand that material on his site identified Adolph Hitler as a god and had numerous references to murdering just about everyone but him and his fellow Nazis.

During his deposition for the lawsuit, Wiegand was asked why he posed for this picture. His response was”no reason.” If you’re going to be the kind of shit stain that profits off mass murder, at least don’t be a coward about it too.

During his deposition for the lawsuit, Wiegand was asked why he posed for this picture. His response was”no reason.” If you’re going to be the kind of shit stain that profits off mass murder, at least don’t be a coward about it too.

Wiegand owns and lives at 55 Grant Avenue in Cherry Hill, NJ.

If you zoom in on the back windows of the white SUV, you’ll notice the window decals are Micetrap logos

If you zoom in on the back windows of the white SUV, you’ll notice the window decals are Micetrap logos


It’s a white Ford Explorer, NJ MNB 76H

In addition to the SUV, Wiegand or someone else living at the house drive a Black Mustang and a Black Sedan.

As deplorable as it is to be an earnest Nazi, Wiegand is something even worse. He is a Nazi: for him to suggest anything else is laughable; but he is also a profiteer, police informant and two-faced hypocrite. One only needs to glance at his deposition from the aforementioned lawsuit to see that he is incapable of owning up to his affiliations and activities. He, like ACS and so many other Fascists and Crypto-Fascists these days, hides behind humor and irony instead of owning up to being part of that lineage.  But whether he thinks it’s funny or not is actually really irrelevant.

Wiegand has profited for over 2 decades by spreading some of the most vile and bigoted music and literature in the world.   Often, the people he sells it to are young and very impressionable to the message of racist, sexist and homophobic violence that permeates everything Micetrap releases.  People like Christopher Crumb, who murdered a disabled elderly black man in an unprovoked and random attack in Atlantic City in order to try and impress his buddies in the Atlantic City “Skinheads.”  People like Walter Dille, an Atlantic City “Skinheads” member who killed a black woman in a botched carjacking. People like Michel Gunnar and Kyle Powell who were convicted of hate crime charges for a random and unprovoked attack on two Egyptian men in East Windsor in 2011 alongside ACS member Chris Ising.  We’re willing to bet that, more often than not, the Nazis involved in these and thousands of similar murders and assaults have ordered something from Micetrap records at some point in their lives.

Those albums and books and videos encouraged these acts. Wiegand not only distributes them, but he produces more. He (through Micetrap) glorifies imprisoned Nazi murders as heroes and POW’s.  He has spread a message of extermination of Jews, people of color, Anti-Racists and feminists. Wiegand may never have physically harmed anyone, but he has blood on his hands.

Very few individuals we’ve encountered in Neo-Nazi and White Power movements has done so much damage without ever being held accountable. Neo-Nazi label Resistance Records at it’s peak involved hundreds of Nazis working together all over the U.S. and Canada.  Whereas, as far as anyone can tell Micetrap is solely Wiegand’s venture.  Judging by his window decal and Micetrap logo tattoo, one he is proud of.

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Jason Hammond Sentencing Statement

Taken from

I write this statement after pleading guilty to state charges against me for my participation in an organized direct action taken against a group of white supremacists in May of 2012. I would like to share my thoughts about this action. First, major thanks and love to my friends and family who have supported me, for my amazing partner who kept me sane, my band for letting loose and my lawyer Sara Garber who has been ridiculously helpful in fighting this case with me.

While Chicago was in rebellion against the western military super-alliance NATO summit in 2012, a small group of racists organized their own ‘white nationalist economic summit’ in the nearby suburb of Tinley Park. They booked a restaurant to hold a luncheon under the guise of the “Illinois European Heritage Association.” For over six months this event was promoted on, a very popular online forum where racists and neo-nazis converse. Being in a prolonged state of resistance against racism, this summit became known to organized anti-fascists throughout the Midwest. Through research, they had ascertained the time, location, and even some identities of the attendees of this meeting, some of whom were already known as being members of white supremacist groups such as the KKK, National Socialist Movement and Council of Conservative Citizens. Upon becoming aware of this  information, myself and others decided to confront the fascists at their meeting. A righteous melee ensued, many of the ten white supremacists were injured, and we left the scene in less than two minutes.

In the aftermath, the police was called and two of the fascist attendees were arrested one for being a fugitive of pedophilia charges in another state and the other for illegal possession of firearms in their car onsite. Unfortunately after leaving the restaurant, five comrades from Hoosier Anti Racist Movement were also arrested for their involvement by an off duty cop. They are known as the Tinley Park 5, all of whom spent time in Illinois prisons after taking a non-cooperative plea, and have since been released on parole. Please read about their struggles at their wordpress.

A year after the action, in July 2013, I was arrested outside my home by the FBI and Tinley Park Police. I was charged with armed violence and mob action,  the same as the other 5 anti-fascists. My indictment states the Tinley Park Police were given a report from the FBI stating that they had identified me from DNA gathered at the scene and a surveillance video from the restaurant where the meeting was shut down. I was held in Cook County Jail for two months but was fortunate to have friends who raised enough money to release me on bond. I have since been fighting these charges. The wheels of the bureaucratic judicial system moves deliberately slow and another whole year and a half passes. Now, even with the privilege of being able to examine all the evidence and evaluate all of my options while out on bond, I must accept the judge’s offer of 3.5 years. My chances of winning the case were very low, and if I lost, it could potentially mean a significantly higher sentence.

It is difficult to decide whether to plea or not when faced with gambling years of your life in prison, but I also completely detest the narrative of the state and their courtrooms. Their story is that they rightfully apprehended the criminal, tried, and put them away in prison;where they will learn not to do it again while separated from society where they cannot spread their infectious ideas. That system does not work and it never will. I abhor this monopoly of justice and violence; the reality is that the state wants people in their prisons especially people whose political interest are in conflict  to the “business as usual” violence that their police and armies perpetrate. My crime is standing up against the flag of hate and the violence against people of color that it represents. The state, in a petty act, went out of their way years later to prosecute me.

Furthermore, the state has always supported a white supremacist power structure. Even after the endless series of racist wars and hundreds of years of oppression on this soil, they don’t see it as a problem when neo-nazis get together and in fact grant permits and have lines of police to protect their free speech. In Ferguson, New York, Chicago and beyond, we see police use military grade equipment in conjunction with the National Guard to combat people protesting the unjust murders of Mike Brown and Eric Garner at the hands of law enforcement. These are not isolated incidents, but rather symptomatic and indicative of a deliberate move to uphold the pillars of white supremacy in this country, which will not change unless we fight against it.

I went into this action following the principles of anarchy, equality and freedom which have guided my life. For many years I have been involved in different projects engaging social justice, from volunteering at social centers, community public libraries and food distribution programs.I have also supported and participated in anti-war, environmental and immigrant rights movements. Through these experiences I became more aware of how the system that governs this society depends on the mass exploitation of large parts of the population and in fact the Earth itself for the profit of the rich and powerful. I was inspired and motivated by the people I met in the movement to strive to make change at the root of the problem, even if it meant possibly sacrificing my own personal freedom. Throughout history, any movement that struggled to change this system was considered dangerous by the government and was met with immense repression and state violence. But there were successful moments within these movements not only because they were justified, but because people fought for them and despite how history is presented like a Disney movie, not all of their actions were non-violent.

Today there still is police brutality, a massive prison industrial complex, there are presidents waging endless wars for profit and power, and there is violence, alienation and marginalization at the crossroads of gender, sexuality, race and class.  It would be naive to think that all of these problems could only be solved through pacifism; working with or within the system, following dogmatic and assimilative reformist agendas that take over and sell out movements; the answer lies in creative resistance that utilizes a wide diversity of tactics. I think some people have always known this but more need to reject the privileged tendency to reject destruction of property, or of the bodies protecting the state as taboo violence instead of as a legitimate form of resistance. As our collective patience is constantly being worn away by failures of government to address people’s actual needs, it is up to our own communities and individuals to decide for themselves what is an appropriate form of self-defense

But I would also like to note that the hyper-spectacularization and priority of violence amongst folks in the movement might also be folly, because I believe it in itself is not sufficient for a real radical transformation of society. People need to look within to make the change they want to see in the world as well as raise hell in the streets. People are improving their communities through their own support, healing circles, discussion groups, rallies, speak-outs, prisoner support, popular education, community health projects and asking hard questions and challenging oppressive thoughts however they manifest.

The ideas and actions that these white supremacists are pushing are dangerous and poisonous and is unfortunately still deeply rooted within the fabric of this society. Racism manifests itself in a number of ways and none can be ignored; from the blatant and overt bigots like those at the meeting in Tinley Park but also the subtle micro-aggressions that people experience on a daily basis. We are all obligated to confront the dead old ways of these oppressive ideologies using every means possible. My actions were in the spirit of continued resistance against racism and fascism and for the rights of people to live without fear of racist attacks. Those in struggle know the risk of jail, pain or death when trying to radically change the structure of society but it is a struggle we cannot ignore and we intend to win!

After the interruption of the meeting in Tinley Park, the organizing group for their economic summit disbanded and the individual who booked the event said that they were “stepping away from white nationalist organizing.” When a comrade is arrested the movement bears a high cost but actions like these can prove affective as they dissuade people from joining hate groups and preventing the work that they do. I feel these tactics could also apply to different avenues of struggle, directed towards exploitative bosses, racist cops, gentrifying landlords, sexists anywhere, and fascist politicians.

Some people have speculated my arrest was part of some revenge plot of the FBI because of the hacking and whistle-blowing my brother Jeremy Hammond has done against various sectors of the government and the private intelligent corporations they work with. While I love and support my brother and his actions 1000% and condemn the FBI and the US government for their own cyber wars they wage, I think it is unlikely that was the reason why I was held in custody. As stated earlier, the FBI did provide a report to the local police putting some of their pieces together which raises questions to why they would consider a bunch of neo-nazis getting beat up a matter of national security. Regardless, my brother and I were both apprehended because our actions were not carried out with absolute precision and every precaution made to disguise our identities and ensure we would not be busted.

However, it is absolutely true that we live in a vulnerable society with extreme governmental overreach, where anyone could be subject to surveillance, entrapment, targeted prosecutions and trumped up treason and terrorism charges purely for ideological reasons. It is a context deliberately cooked up by politicians and the national security complex to create fear and distrust amongst activist circles, as we can see looking at the huge number of dissidents who have been jailed or killed. Again, I’ll state my respect for political prisoners in any country who are staying strong and struggling to fight the power. I would encourage anyone who considers taking direct action to know why they are doing it and do so carefully as to not jeopardize themselves, their comrades, or the movement itself. A person in prison is another person we have to free.

To those whose worlds were shaken and who are angry or displeased at my actions, remind yourselves humbly of the atrocious history of violence that white supremacy has done and continues to do so to this  society and ask yourself, do I support it? Do I benefit from it? Will this be my legacy? Or do I want to change it?

I have set up a blog where I will post updates regularly that will also include my mailing address and visiting hours. Also I will have set up an Amazon Wish List where people can send me some love through books. This will be set up once I arrive at the state prison where I will likely carry out the majority of my sentence. While I am here I intend to make the most of my time staying positive and motivated through reading, working out, and meditating. I am interested in continuing communication and having discussions with people through letters, so please write me when you have the chance!

Yours for the struggle!

With love and rage,
Jason Hammond




Updated 1/8/2015: We at Antifa Philadelphia are happy to announce that the show has been cancelled. Apparently the attention drawn to the show by Antifascists was picked up on by several local media outlets, which led to the Mayor Nutter’s office calling the Outlaws directly and asking them to cancel the show, citing safety concerns.

You might notice from the City Paper article linked above that the show’s organizer, Steven Weigand, disassociated himself from the event claiming it appeared to him “to have been made by the Communist blogs or Daryl[e] Lamont Jenkins.”

Fortunately, Atlantic City “Skinheads” member Chris Arlan (who posts as ‘AC Skin’ on Stormfront) never misses an opportunity to promote a show for his buddy Warren:


Maybe Arlan was in on the OPP conspiracy to defame Wiegand, who denies booking the show but still claims his free speech was impeded on when people announced that it had been booked, but we doubt it.

Chris and Melissa Arlan

Soon after we posted our alert, Arlan was back on Stormfront:



Thank you to who helped spread the word when we heard about this show short-notice, and the individuals and groups who came forward and offered to help organize a response.

To the boneheads we know are reading this right now, who made snide comments when we posted the alert claiming the show would “never be cancelled:” eat shit. It took less than 48 hours from Antifascists finding out about the show until the venue canceled. Philly is done with ACS. Done with KSS. Done with Micetrap, Blood and Honour, KKK and all the rest. Quit the shit and act right or get/stay the fuck out.

Antifa Philadelphia

Original Call:


Note: thanks to Wobbly Dash for the concise list of Aggravated Assault and Micetrap Distribution’s releases.

According to a flyer circulating on social media, Atlantic City “Skinheads” (ACS) band Aggravated Assault is scheduled to play a show at the Outlaws Biker Gang clubhouse at 2103 E. Somerset Street in Philly on January 10th.

Aggravated Assault dates back to the late 1980’s. It’s members are all ACS with strong ties to the Eastern Hammerskins and NJ Prison Skins.  It is fronted by Warren Meickle, the de-facto head of ACS. That is, since their founder Bryan Bradley was killed by a bolt of lightning while working on the construction site of the short-lived Revel Casino in Atlantic City in 2011. Meickle also fronts a band called Chaos 88 (88 = HH = Heil Hitler)

Warren Mieckle, Atlantic City Bonehead and singer of Aggravated Assault

Meickle, their Guitarist Scott Hudson, and the rest of the band are are undiluted Nazis and White Supremacists. Meickle even sports a portrait of Hitler on his stomach set against a giant flaming Swastika. Some of their songs include:

“Kill A Red”
“The Eternal Jew”
“Get Out”
“Fetch The Rope”
“Sieg Heil”
“Border Patrol”
“Filthy Whore”
“Skin For Life”
“Hammer Joe” (a reference to dead Hammerskin Joe Rowan)
“Mud Control” (“Mud People” is a slur popular among Nazis to describe people of color. It is based in the Christian Identity doctrine that claims god made non-whites from mud.)

Scott Hudson and Warren Meickle

Here is an old video of Aggravated Assault that was part of a compilation being distributed by European Boneheads in the 90s. It includes live footage as well as the band members being all-too-clear about their Racist Nazi Fascist views.

The show is being promoted by Micetrap Distribution, LLC, which is run out of Maple Shade, NJ by a longtime Neo-Nazi named Steve Wiegand.

Some of Micetrap’s releases have included:

“Too White For You” and “Racially Motivated Violence” by Angry Aryans
“Freezer Full Of Nigger Heads” by Grinded Nig
“The White Race Will Prevail” by Race War
“Keep The Hate Alive” by Racist Redneck Rebels
“Bulldozer of Semitic Destruction” by Warbutcher
and, who could forget the classic “Der Ewige Jude” by Volkszorn
as well as reprints of pretty much everything Skrewdriver

Steve Wigant, owner-operator of White Power online store Micetrap Distributions

Wiegand has been around for years, recording and distributing Neo-Nazi music and merch since the early days of the internet.  He has a reputation as a profiteer making money off the White Nationalist movement by many people on both sides of the fence, and was at least for a time targeted by certain boneheads because he was distributing bootlegs of early shows by legendary Antifascist Oi band The Angelic Upstarts, thereby demonstrating his lack of real dedication to “the cause.”

The Outlaws Motorcycle Club dates back to the mid 1930’s with chapters all over the Country as well as in Britain and other nations. They are a 1%er club (a reference to the former President of the American Motorcyclist Association saying that “99% of Motorcyclists are law-abiding citizens”) that engages in a litany of illegal activities ranging from mail fraud and drug running to extortion and murder. According to Wikipedia, “On August 24, 2009, 15 members of the Outlaws Philadelphia chapter were arrested in connection with a methamphetamine ring. Those arrested included chapter president Thomas “The Boss” Zaroff, Jr., and Charles “The Panhead” Rees. According to Pennsylvania District Attorney Tom Corbett, the gang sold methamphetamine in Philadelphia… Pennsylvania and… New Jersey.”  However, the Outlaws seem most notorious for their violent conflicts with other MC’s, especially the Hell’s Angels.

The relationship between 1%er Motorcycle Clubs and Neo-Nazi crews like ACS or the Keystone State “Skinheads” (KSS) is varied and always in flux.  Most 1%er MC’s are all white and there is a prevalent culture of racism and white supremacy in many of them that is often hardened by prison and it’s racial segregation and animosity. This situation is fostered and made worse by the Guards and Prison Officials in order to keep the prisoners divided against each other.  The Outlaws, Pagans and Warlocks among other 1%er MC’s have former bonehead members, some of whom have risen to leadership positions.  That said, for many members of these clubs Fascist politics have little to no appeal.

There are those in the Fascist camp hostile to bikers and their lifestyle as well. When the Neo-Nazi Vinlanders Social Club (VSC) message board was hacked by Anonymous a few years back, Antifascists found a few messages between a couple Vinlanders, Ryan Broverone (formerly of NJ living in Arizona at the time of the message) and “Tommy” A.K.A. “Bull” from Florida, repeating an oft-heard complaint among “serious” White Supremacists about the biker gangs and their culture (notes and bold added by us):

Subject: Re: ?
From: Bull (
To: RyanTheRage (
Date: August 19, 2010, 10:13 am

Im still on good with the outlaws. Every now and then they ask me to publicly side with them, hang out at a big function or come back. I just tell them im on another path.

The ha (Hell’s Angels) is still pushing into forida. The warlocks are buddies with them. The pagans are here big time now. No one is happy with that. jody and our ex probate john boy are both patched warlocks. A couple of our old supporter guys are probates for them. The warlocks are weak motherfuckers. I stay good with them too, but they are a joke. They have numbers and will shoot. Thats why they stand up to the ols (Outlaws)

Subject: Re: ?
From: RyanTheRage (
To: Bull (
Date: August 20, 2010, 9:50 am

Fucking bullshit. Yea I know they are no joke. I knew of a few Pagans when I lived in Jersey and they were no joke. But the idea of honor escaped them lol. They are all junkies.

Ryan Broverone, VSC and Blood and Honour member

These are not uncommon charges. A few years ago Aryan Nations head August Kreis attempted to start an exclusively Neo-Nazi biker gang but recruited an undercover FBI agent to run it and ended up getting a bunch of his friends arrested. It is rumored that one of those arrested in the sting is the son of an Outlaws MC member in Florida.

The Keystone State Skinheads (KSS) have made many statements in the past 10 years claiming to be virulently Anti-Drug, especially when that drug dealing is being done by White People to White People, as is commonly the case in biker meth rings.   KSS is also part of the Blood and Honour network, which counts Broverone and the rest of the Vinlanders as members. Yet Philadelphia KSS head A.J. Olsen is a friend of Meickle and a fan of Aggravated Assault who in all likelihood will be attending the show on the 10th. KSS has also booked several Aggravated Assault and Chaos 88 shows over the years so there will definitely be several of their members in attendance as well.

It is unknown how close the ties are between the Philly Outlaws MC and ACS, KSS and Micetrap Distribution.  We will post more information as we get it.We are asking our readers to help spread this information far and wide.

In Solidarity

Antifa Philadelphia


The neo-nazi music label Deathangle Absolution Records (formerly Satanic Skinhead Propaganda) ran by Antichrist Kramer, contacted Schizophasia from Canada a while back about putting out a record for them. Schizophasia however, are anti-racists who are not down with Kramer and his fascist ways. How did they respond?  Schizophasia agreed and wrote an anti-racist record. The lyrics were never submitted to the label and the record was successfully put out. They are now urging folks to only buy the record directly from the band and not the label. All profits from the album will be given to Chicago antifascist and anti-racist organizations.

Read their statement below:

Beware such scene parasites as ”DEATHANGLE ABSOLUTION RECORDS”. They are a neo-nazi record label formally known under the names ”SATANIC SKINHEAD PROPAGANDA” and ”AUDIAL DECIMATION”. Most of their catalog is NSBM or racist power electronics but now they are trying to move into releasing punk. It came as a surprise that label-boss Antichrist Kramer asked Schizophasia to release a record on his label. Being the pranksters that we are, we agreed and then proceeded to record a ten-track anti nazi record masked by undecipherable vocal effects and hidden by way of our tradition of writing our song titles in Arabic. Schizophasia has no hatred for any race, sexual orientation, gender or anything of the sort. Schizophasia fully supports confronting racism, homophobia, sexism (to be consistent with your previous 3-point enumeration) and ideologies which advocate for any totalitarian regime. The black triangle with a black bar on the front cover of the LP is the symbol that anarchists were made to wear in Nazi Germany concentration camps. Had antichrist Kramer brushed up on his history instead of jerking off to the idea of the next race war, he would have noticed that we were up to something. We call out to people not to buy releases from these labels and to actively boycott any Neo-Nazi bands and labels. Don’t purchase this record, unless directly from the band! All proceeds collected by SCHIZOPHASIA will be donated to anti-racist and anti-fascist work. THE JOKE IS ON YOU ANTICHRIST KRAMER/DEATHANGLE ABSOLUTION RECORDS. LONG LIVE ROCK N’ ROLL! LONG LIVE FREEDOM! DEATH TO FASCISM! DEATH TO NAZIS!



This past weekend South Side ARA hosted the first annual TORCH antifascist network conference in Chicago. This conference is the time and place in which the TORCH network strategizes for not only internal growth but for our resistance against fascism, white supremacy, and the right. In attendance were delegates from Philly Antifa, Central Texas ARA, Milwaukee Antifa, HARM, ARA-LA/PART, and of course South Side ARA. This time is also utilized to build antifascist culture, which is why we hosted a public event with speakers, bands, and tons of antifascist literature and merchandise.

The public day was held at Chitown Futbol. At around 5:30 the speakers started.  Both Matthew Lyons and Michael Staudenmaier gave great presentations followed by Q&A.  There were tons of groups present such as the War Zone distro, Black Rose, and IWW tabling with literature and merchandise. Groups within the TORCH network were also tabling and had tons of anti-racist t-shirts, some of which were completely free. By about 7:30 Mandatory Abortions kicked off the show followed by La Armada, Krang, Wartorn, Wrathcobra, and ATU. At the end of the night hundreds of dollars were made to support antifascist political prisoners.

The night went on with no disruption from the fascists or the state and the 2014 TORCH conference was a huge success. Thank you too all the bands, speakers, organizations, and individuals who came out to support. A special thanks to the Chicago May 1st Anarchist Alliance and the Black Rose Anarchist Federation for sponsoring the event. South Side ARA has spent the past 5 years smashing fascism in our state and elsewhere and will continue to do so.

Fuck fascism!  Fuck racism!

– South side ARA of the TORCH Network


con boy

Illinois National Anarchist Conor Wrigley

There has been a tendency within far-right, fascist movements over a number of years, starting largely in Europe, coming to the U.S. in recent years and unfortunately making more of an appearance here in Illinois in recent months.This tendency is “National Anarchism.”

The National Anarchist Movement has been largely influenced by Troy Southgate, who was formerly an active member in a number of far-right parties in Europe, including the British National Front, English Nationalist Movement, International Third Position and National Revolutionary Faction.

The ideology of National Anarchism includes elements of traditional anarchist theory and quotes from Bakunin, Proudhon, and even Hakim Bey appear in their writings. They promote small scale communities without a centralized State. However, they have combined anti-Statism with racial separatism where different cultures, “tribes,” or races are not to coexist.

National Anarchists go out of their way to talk about how they’re not fascist, yet have striking similarities to fascist, far right, white supremacist movements:

-Belief that multi-racial societies are “destroying Europe” (Southgate p.130)

-Utilization of anti-semitic narratives such as references to the “Zionist media” (Southgate “Tradition and revolution”p. 125), referring to Jews as “vampiric parasites intent on carving up the world’s resources in an attempt to create a single, global market” (NAM Manifesto)

-Opposing interracial relationships (what they call the “dominant ideology of inbreeding”)

-Organizing on White Power websites like

Clearly, these positions are incompatible with a radical anarchist movement opposed to racism and white supremacy (regardless of whether they admit to their fascist leanings).

Some might ask why anti-racist anarchists should be concerned with this fringe movement. One answer is because they actively pursue a strategy of “entryism” where they enter existing movements and utilize them for their own ends.

In their own words, entryism is “the name given to the process of entering or infiltrating bona fide organizations, institutions and political parties with the intention of either gaining control of them for our own ends, misdirecting or disrupting them for our own purposes or converting sections of their memberships to our cause.” (Southgate “Tradition and revolution” p. 220)

Here in the U.S., National Anarchists have attended and participated in anarchist events, such as demonstrations and book fairs. With an anti-State position, critique of Capitalism and the fact that they embrace other causes anarchists are invested in (animal rights, environmentalism, opposition to Israeli militarism, etc.) it is likely that they would have an appeal to some anarchists, particularly those who are young or new to radical politics.

In a way, these attempts at engaging with Leftists, anti-authoritarians and anti-racist anarchist scenes make them even more of a threat than groups that make their racist, white supremacist position more apparent. Their attempts to recruit from existing anarchist communities makes it essential that they be confronted and exposed wherever they appear.

In the last several years here in the U.S., there have been attempts by national anarchists to organize in New York (National Anarchist Tribal Alliance-NY), San Francisco (Bay Area National Anarchists) and recently some National Anarchists have appeared here in Illinois.

For example, National Anarchist Brandon Lashbrook played a prominent role in the utterly failed Illinois “White Man March“.

Here are a two other National Anarchists from Illinois:

Jesse Abraham Deutsch
possible address: 2130 W 21st St
Chicago, IL 60608

Conor Wrigley (pictured at top)
2778 Deerpath Park Dr
Decatur, IL 62521-5607
Works at Menards Sales · Forsyth, Illinois
Born May 31, 1991
217-428-7922 (land line-parents house)
‪(217) 855-4750‬

Crimethinc Podcast on anti-fascism, including analysis of National Anarchism:

Troy Southgate “Tradition and Revolution- Collected Writings of Troy Southgate”, “National Anarchism: Trojan Horse for White Nationalism”